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    Lhermitte’s, does anyone suffer with it,? I do, I have done….One time I was trying to shampoo over the bath with keeping my head as straight as possible when all of a sudden I had to close my eyes as I used the hand-shower, when for the first time ever I fell to the floor, not a heavy fall, I was aware I was going, once down, I just picked myself up, I never hurt myself but I was lucky as the bathroom concerned was tiny, and the door was open so I just fell straight through, part in, part out into the hall but, if the door had been closed, things may have been a whole lot worse, I would have banged my head and maybe knocked myself unconscious, and I was indoors by myself at the time…Yes it is an electric shock sensation, that suddenly travels from the back of the neck down to the inside – top of my right leg – groin area, it has some connection, as again, on my medical records I was diagnosed with Meralgia Paraesthetica or Paresthetica (two types of spellings ) which now the MS medics have ruled out, and ruled in as all part of my MS…

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    Apologies, I omitted to mention that it triggers when one bends the head-neck forward…

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     Debi Wilson 

    I also had that happen one time, very painful! Now, I try to be very aware not to have my chin to my chest.

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