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      Columnist John Connor talks about finally getting the help he needs for his ongoing lymphedema problem, which a doctor believes may have been caused by MS.

      Read more about this symptom in John’s column.

      Do you experience lymphedema?

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      yes, trying to find someone for lymphatic massage.

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      Debi Wilson

      Keep us up-to-date on how that massage works for you, if it helps!

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      I have PPMS and had been suffering very badly with Edema, the tops of both feet and wide ankles, more so my right foot…well I was until we had our very hot and dry summer this year, then I was told to up my water intake, cut out caffeine teas, oh and of course I was offered water tablets but straight away turned them down..had myself an Epsom Salts foot soak and all seem to have done some magic on me these last few months…My feet still feel tight but the feet and ankles are looking more as feet should be looking..I also suffer Erythromelagia, at least that’s my version as they turn red but dont turn blue…the medics records have it ( before my MS diagnoses ) as Raynauds Phenomenom…


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      Debi Wilson

      Great advice Jackie, thank you for sharing! I have swelling on the top of my right foot sometimes. Same as you, that is interesting! My left foot is the one that can turn hot and red. There is no rhyme or reason to this MS!

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