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      Swollen feet and ankles are a common symptom in MS, and are caused by an accumulation of lymphatic fluid (lymphedema).

      Find out what else columnist John Connor has to say about this here: “Having a Swell Time”

      Do you also suffer from swelling? What have you done for relief?

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      Yes I suffer terrible Edema, it shows more over the top of my right foot, which is more puffier the the left but I have it in the left foot too…Plus both feet now have become very ugly with purple-red veins over the tops…oh and not forgetting the tightness they now feel, this has become an everyday thing…I have never been prescribed for anything…I have a bottle of Pukka (if I can name it ) castor oil which  does tend to ease the tightness, although does nothing for the swelling…but that doesn’t get rubbed on my feet every day…

      I too am inquisitive to read what others use…and which if anything is working for them…

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      I am wearing compression socks and put my legs above a hip level, when it is possible. It works for me and was recomended by doc. and fiziotherapist.

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      Ann M

      I too suffer from bad edema. Feet are huge! I can take water pills either OTC or prescription to help alleviate, but then the problem is having to get to the bathroom in time.  Movement is hard to do.   Each leg must weigh 25 lbs each! Does anybody have any recommendation for shoes or slippers to house these things? TIA

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        I also have this issue.  Same problem with taking a diuretic, since I do not want to live in the bathroom.  And shoes!  I have bought a lot that say XX wide etc.  Seems to refer to width, can’t find ones that are DEEP enough and easy to get on.  Have about given up on shoes, have been wearing stretchy slippers etc to go out in public.

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      Carole Ginther

      I wear compression stockings and use a foam wedge to elevate my left leg.  I have been dx’d with lymphedema resulting from surgery.    A physical therapist specializing in lymphedema can teach massage techniques to get the lymph glands moving.  Is leg swelling a symptom in MS?

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        Ann M

        Hi Mary, Isn’t it fun?  What slippers do you get? Any interest in opening up a shoe design business? lol

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      I also suffer from edema, cold and bluish feet. The only remedy for me is lymphatic drainage massage ,twice a week .

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      Cynthia King

      The only plus to being on a diuretic is I lost ten pounds from getting rid of some edema. and as far as shoes go the best solution I found was searching Amazon and found some men’s shoes, their wide is bigger than women wide. I’m a ladies 8, which equates to men’s six, (hard to find ) so I went up to a 7 or a medium. My years of high heels are long gone, and I never liked them anyway. Birkenstocks are my go-to in the summer, but living in the snow capital of the Continental US (Syracuse NY) requires boots, something I have yet to conquer. Incidentally, we also have the highest number of people with MS here, you might have seen the article, yet to see a neurologist who specializes in MS I drive. 2:hourS to Rochester. So do a lot of people.

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