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      John Connor

      Researchers at Universities across Europe [Spain/France/Belgium] may together just have struck neurodegenerative gold!

      The following is an excerpt from the recent Uni of Malaga press release:

      The loss of oligodendrocytes (OLs) -highly specialized cells of the brain that produce myelin, an essential structure enabling an efficient transmission of electrical signals and the support of neural activity- is a frequent condition in patients suffering neurodegenerative diseases.

      Researchers of the Department of Cellular Biology, Genetics and Physiology of the University of Malaga (UMA) have succeeded in generating human OLs from pluripotent stem cells derived from patients with nervous system diseases, specifically multiple sclerosis or ALS.

      This is a new method that is faster and more efficient, because it enables the generation of OLs in just three weeks. This find is highlighted on the November cover of the scientific journal Nature Protocols’.



      Couldn’t have put it better myself – so I didn’t!

      Yes, this an experimentation on mice with all the negatives this involves but it is from human cells. This one I find exiting – what do  u think?


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      John Cowburn

      Sounds interesting despite the mouse bit! Will you be keeping up to date on this?

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      John Connor

      I’ll do my best sir.

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      Brad Thomas

      very exciting! how long does it usually take for things that are successful for mice to make their way to human trials, and then how long does it take after that before people like us can get it?

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      i visited the laboratory of Montpellier (France), and i was told that the time needed to pass from mice to human test was about 10 years.. less if they had enough money to have rats, and even less if they had monkeys. The better still being money to lead these tests in order to be shortest.

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      Ed Tobias


      Unfortunately, as has been noted, it can take a long time…if it ever does progress. I’m told that researchers are found of saying “mice exaggerate and monkeys lie.” This is why I rarely write about mouse studies. I think most of them give false hope.


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