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      Debi Wilson

      MS can bring an abundance of symptoms into our lives. What symptom do you feel impacts your life the most? What adjustments have you made to accommodate for that symptom?

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      Cynthia King

      Spasticity hands down. I am lucky to have left what I have left after 25 years, but spasticity. I get Botox in my feet/ lower legs and the helps so much for walking, it’s hard to walk if your feet won’t lie flat on the ground. It’s in my back and I feel like there are invisible magnets pulling me backward, and my spine is all messedup because the muscular imbalance has pulled my bones out of alignment, and now I am trying to resolve a spastic pelvic floor, but only on my right side. Ugh.


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      Debi Wilson

      Sorry to hear that Cynthia, sounds very painful and annoying! I’m glad the Botox  helps some. I have leg cramps/ spasticity and it’s painful, so I can relate  to some of what you’re saying. MS is not fun,  that’s for sure!

      Thanks for sharing what works for you. How often do receive the Botox?

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      Ed Tobias

      There are really three: spasticity, fatigue and bladder control. There are treatments for each of those but no “magic pill.” But, rather than hiding from the storm I’ve learned to dance in the rain.



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      Debi Wilson

      That’s a great quote, Ed!

      Walking is my worst for sure, with spasticity and fatigue a close second . I agree,  no magic pill.

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      Carla Epps

      Pardon me as I learn to navigate through these forums. I would have to say spasticity coupled with lower extremity weakness have the most significant impact on my life. To address these, Intense PT has been helpful but not an overnight solution.

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      Debi Wilson

      Welcome back Carla! I relate to  the symptoms  you mentioned. I also like PT I feel it is very beneficial! Thanks for joining in the discussions,  I hope you find some other topics  you can comment on.

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      Unable to walk more than 2-3 steps any more (power wheelchair), bladder control :-(.


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      Debi Wilson

      Sorry to hear that Mary, I have difficulty walking also. I use a walker and for longer excursions a wheelchair.

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