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  • A Six-Month Update: My Second Dose of Ocrevus

    Posted by MS News Today Moderator on April 13, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    In this column, Multiple Sclerosis News Today patient and columnist, Laura Kolaczkowski, talks about her experience with Ocrevus as a treatment option for MS:

    “After a delay in treatment in late December thanks to a nasty head cold, and the after-effects of contracting the flu in February necessitating another delay, I finally received my second six-month dose of Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) in mid-March. Much like the first time, the infusion was uneventful. I had no problems with flushing, itching, elevated temperature, or any of the other potential side effects during the infusion. I know other people have a wide range of problems, so I feel fortunate that I am among those who experience nothing unusual.

    Infusion time

    “Once again, the worst problem I had was being stuck in the infusion suite for six hours while thinking of all the other places I wish I could be. The first round of Ocrevus requires two separate infusions, separated by two weeks’ time. These initial induction rounds are only four hours instead of the six hours needed for the full dose I’ll receive in the next round of Ocrevus. Boredom was my No. 1 complaint then as well.

    “Everyone wants to know: Do I feel different, or have I noticed any benefits? Honestly, again, I have to say I know I am no worse, and it takes time to turn around the course of multiple sclerosis. I don’t expect it to magically happen overnight, but there are signs that perhaps something different is going on.


    “I saw my neurologist the following week, and we were able to review my tests and the results from my annual MRI, done in late 2017. Thanks to an analysis by NeuroQuant software, I knew some things changed. The doctor also pointed out that the report showed a couple of changes for the good, which may or may not be from Ocrevus. The atrophy of my brain, due to both MS and aging, may be slowing or even improved.”

    Read more of what Laura has to say about Ocrevus here: “An Ocrevus Update Has Me Cautiously Optimistic

    Have you tried Ocrevus? Share your experience below.

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