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      Patrick O’Rourke

      I have been diagnosed with MS since 2012.

      I had a MRI scan last Saturday and after 3 attempts, I was told to reschedule for the coming Saturday but this time with some form of sedation.

      Would 2 Valium tablets of 2mg each be enough to get through a 20 mins MRI scan as I am so so scared?????

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      Hi Patrick. When I had a 50 minute MRI, I was anxious too. I found the thing they put over your face the oddest part. What I did was shut my eyes and controlled my breathing. I got through doing that, I never opened my eyes, as it was disorientating.

      Tip, ask them to talk to you with updates of how much time has gone by. They didn’t talk to me which I thought was poor.

      Take 2 valium, that should take the edge off.

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      And I pretended I was on a beach soaking up the sun and hearing a jack hammer in the background.

      Hope some of these tips are helpful.

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      John Connor

      Hi Patrick, my wife sufferes from claustrophobia. It’s got worse recently and she tried cognitive therapy which seemed to help.
      Me – I’d rather smoke a joint.
      I’m the worst person to ask – I’ve had 20-30 since my diagnosis in 2009. So used to them, I keep falling into a deep sleep – they can’t wake me up from.
      Cheers John

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      Ed Tobias

      Hey Patrick,

      Let me join John in welcoming you. I’ve been living with MS for over 40 years and I’m guessing I’ve been in that tube 50 or 60 times. Sedation can help, though I’ve only used it once, for one very long session. Usually, I just close my eyes before being slid into the tube and keep them shut. I listen to the beat the machine makes and I pretend I’m a drummer in a rock ‘n roll band. I also count to 60…1, 2 ,3 ,4…2, 2, 3, 4…etc. By the time I get t0 20 X 60 I’m usually done.



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