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      The use of cannabidiol (CBD) to relieve medical conditions is a hot topic right now. Here’s what people with multiple sclerosis should know about CBD.

      Have you tried CBD to help ease your symptoms? If you have, did it help you?


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      LuAnn Sullivan

      I tried CBD oral drops for pain management. I did not feel that I had any benefit after taking CBD.

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      Ed Tobias


      How much did you use and how long did you try the CBD before you gave up?


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      John Connor

      Hi LuAnn

      I’ve come to the conclusion that CBD is mostly hype.

      Indeed have started a one person campaign on here to emphasis this.

      THC [the fun part of marijuana] does lesson pain. It also eases symptoms – certainly with me.

      There is no scientific evidence for CBD [as far as I’m aware]. It is also ferociously expensive.

      Cheers John


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      One of my MS symptoms is unintended emotion ( also called PBA in the US), which causes me to burst into laughter for no reason. Not cool if you work in an open plan office.

      I wasn’t offered any treatment for it.

      After consulting my MS nurse, that it was safe and wouldn’t interfere with my meds (Gilenya), I started taking CBD oil soft gels 3 x per day. My MS nurse was dismissive, saying it wouldn’t work.

      After about a year and a half, both  my neuro and MS nurse noticed a big improvement and wanted to know what I was taking. They were amazed when I told them CBD oil from Amazon.

      There was no ‘Big Bang ‘ moment when it suddenly worked, just a gradual improvement that I hadn’t noticed, but others who hadn’t seen me for a while did notice the change.

      CBD might not work for everyone, but it certainly worked for me.

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      Debbie Taibi

      That is great , I tried CBD oil & it relaxed me & i slept for more than 3 hrs at a time

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      Adam Jensen

      I’ve tried CBD and I mean it doesn’t always help. If it’s gummy bears or chocolate, it’s probably just marketing. The oil that I once bought from https://wayofleaf.com/ helps me, I still use it and my sleep is calm. So treat this wisely.


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      Ed Tobias



      You experience is similar mine. I’ve tried sublingual and topical CBD and neither seemed to be worth the expense. A CBD/THC combo did help ease my spasticity but it made me feel like I was back in college in the late 60s and was too expensive to use regularly.


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      I don’t suffer from spasticity, but I’ve tried CBD and THC infused products . I wasn’t someone who used cannabis products before this and didn’t feel a difference after trying the infused products at all. I’m curious to see what other studies come out about this.

      -Rochelle, MS Patient

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