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      Columnist Laura Kolaczkowski writes about how her doctors use Botox (botulinum toxin) for relief of her bladder control and leg spasticity problems.

      Read more on how the use of Botox can be beneficial for MS patients here.

      Have you ever tried Botox?

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      Cyndi B

      I am trying low dose Botox this week for leg muscle stiffness.  Fingers crossed that will better mobility issues. I admit, however, I’m skeptical.  I enjoyed reading the articles regarding Botox use for urinary issues — not quite ready but will continue to watch/read as more info becomes available…and/or I get sick of putting up with constantly running to the restroom.  : )

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      Debi Wilson

      Exciting, Cyndi! Good luck to you and please keep us updated on your progress!:)

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        Jenny Wyman

        I am curious how Botox helps with muscle leg stiffness. I am having the hardest time walking lately. I take Baclofen three times a day but recently it has not been helping as much as it used to. It is really cold here so I think that does not help either despite I stay inside where it is warm. I want to try Botox but would like to hear what others are saying about its use and how it has helped them.

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          Ed Tobias


          I’ve used Baclofen for many years at bedtime to help ease my spasticity during the night. I tried it, without success, during the day. Cold weather is tough on me, which is why I’m hiding from it in Florida for 3 months.

          I hope others will post here about Botox experiences. You might also want to search for Botox on the general MS News Today website to get more info.



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      Botox is supposed to help with spasticity. But my neurologist said since I have general, and not local, spasticity, I can’t use it.

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      Cyndi B

      As indicated in prior post, I was then about to try low dose botox to treat leg muscle stiffness.  I have since done so.  No benefit, detriment or change.  Maybe too low dose?  Maybe, but I’m passing on a round two to increase the dose.  Pilates, exercise, swimming (a/k/a water walking and movement) and/or stretching seem to provide improvement better than anything else.  Botox release may better for those suffering from “frozen” shoulder, toes, or similar joint issue than stiff or weak hamstrings that just don’t want to flex.  Hope you find what works for you!

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