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      I’ve had over ten MRI’s with a Gadolinium-Based-Contrast-Agent (GBCA’s) since my MS diagnosis in 1998. Since receiving these GBCA’s, my health has deteriorated. The two most troublesome symptoms have been deep bone pain in my arms and legs and constant sweating. After searching for answers for years, I finally found the website that has been working with the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, physicans, and patients to educate and explore the troubling effects of Gadolinium in our brains, bones, skin and organs. We now know that Gadolinium, which is a toxic heavy metal, has been proven to be retained in our brains, bones, skin and organs has been poisoning unsuspecting MS patients who have normal kidney function for years. I do not know why the MS community has not been informing MS patients about this heavy metal toxicity but it’s time they start working with groups like The Lighthouse Project which is the organization that operates the Gadolinium Toxicity website.

      Chuck Norris’ wife, Gena Norris, was poisoned with Gadolinium after she had received several MRI’s with a GBCA. The Norris’ have gone public with their horror story and they have now filed a lawsuit with one of the manufacturers of a GBCA.

      It’s paramount that we all educate ourselves and others on the disaster that is Gadolinium and press for not only more information but for the responsible companies and government agencies to make it their number one priority to educate everyone who has received a GBCA and/or will receive one or more in the future.

      MedInsight also has a lot of information about Gadolinium and scientific studies that Gadolinium is deposited into our brains, bones, skin and organs even after only one injection with a GBCA.

      Not one more patient has to suffer the cruel and unusual punishment of the GBCA’s if we all notify the FDA about our toxic poisoning.




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      Ed Tobias

      Hi RW,

      Thanks for your comments.

      You may be interested in a column that I wrote a few months ago, when the FDA issued its warning about Gadolinium.


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      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your message and directing me to your article on this site.

      I trust that you’ll check out the website being you have voiced your own concerns regarding Gadolinium. The website has a ton of information on the nexus of Gadolinium Toxicity and it will also direct you to a MRI Gadolinium site at where over 500 members have congregated to post and share and educate and sometimes express shock and confusion about not being told about the GBCA’s toxic effects not only on their bodies but also how it has impacted their lives forever.

      Please keep me posted on your search through this maze. I’d also like to know if there is a way that I could submit an article to this site? Just trying to get the word out far and wide!


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      Ed Tobias

      Sorry, the articles on MS News Today are limited to writers who are employed by the website and Patient Columnists, like me, most of whom have worked, professionally, as journalists and are now freelancing. Responding to these stories and columns is the way to spread your word on this website.

      I’ve written all that I’m going to write on this subject, at least for a while, but I will check the website and Yahoo group that you suggest.


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      Excellent Ed! It’s encouraging to read that you will investigate the Gadolinium Toxicity group and The Lighthouse Project website.

      With you playing such an important role as a professional journalist having such a broad and huge mandate writing here in the Multiple Sclerosis News Today website, along with being an MS patient yourself, it struck me as odd that you said that you’ve written all that you’re going to write on this subject, at least for now.

      Instead of closing down the conversation on Gadolinium Toxicity, I hope you will bring this subject up with your editorial staff so that they can be informed of the devastating effects that Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents are having on millions of patients every single day. After all, this is called the MS News Today website.

      I personally can’t think of anything more important to your MS readership than to get the facts out to them with clear, concise, and compelling news that not only affects the MS patient but also their loved ones too.

      You said that responding to these stories and columns is the best way for me to spread the word about Gadolinium contrast agents on this website. If this is the case, the chance of all the readership reading my little post that will be quickly lost among all of the other posts isn’t encouraging.

      Maybe I was foolish for expecting and believing that anyone dealing with or being an advocate publication specifically for MS sufferers would not brush off such a serious subject.

      This could be the exact reason that millions of MS patients know absolutely zero about Gadolinium Toxicity.




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      marty burns

      rw, sorry to here about your exposure.I think I had one mri with contrast and you know what that means.although I do tend to forget things so maybe 2. anyway although I sure your pissed(and rightly so)I want to gently remind you that treatment for ms is an evolving science and we are so much better off than those even 30 yrs ago. Marty

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      Hi Marty,

      My main goal is to help educate editors, journalist, physicians, governmental agencies, pharmaceutical companies and most importantly, MS patients and their caregivers, about the harmful effects that Gadolinium based Contrast Agents have in the brains, bones and organs of every one who is injected with Gadolinium.

      My mother was diagnosed with MS in 1974 and died in 1977 with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. (It is now believed these two diseases  have a common source.)

      Multiple Sclerosis has been front and center in my life for over 42 years. I have been on the most expensive MS medications and have been in drug trials. Still, there are no answers to why we even have this disease.

      I say I’ve had 10+ MRI’s with Gadolinium only because I don’t know the exact number I’ve received. What I do know is that Gadolinium has poisoned my body and not one single doctor or technician warned me about heavy metal toxicity.

      Along with the Gadolinium Toxicity group at

      I am trying to warn you and everyone about the devastating effects of Gadolinium especially since most unsuspecting MS patients will be injected with  Gadolinium several times throughout their live with MS.

      I’m not sure why MS News Today does not want to inform its reader’s about Gadolinium and the fact that it will remain in their bodies for years. Maybe they are beholden to a pharmaceutical company and I’m just not aware of it. I can’t imagine that there would be any other reason for them not inform.

      Please check out the website above before you get any more MRI scan’s with a GBCA.

      Thanks for responding.


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      Touch wood I have only had two scans within a short timescale, the second scan was with Gadolinium and when that call up letter arrived and I looked that word up on the Internet, ( as I look up most about everything ) I have to admit, it completely freaked me out when I read what it actually was that they planned to inject into my vein…Reluctantly it wasn’t the thought of going back under the MRI machine, although I didn’t enjoy that at all but, the thought of such a ” toxic ” compound going into my body, as the thought it may take a year or so while it clears from my body but, again, I went ahead with it because by now, I knew they were onto something and this is the only option I believed I had in finding out what was wrong with me…Whether i allowed them to do the right thing to me or not, it is done, of course I may now live to regret it…

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