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     Debi Wilson 

    Have you experienced weight gain or loss  since year MS diagnosis?  Are you able to control it?

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     Ann M 

    Hi, I purposely started Nutrisystem, because I knew I was gaining weight not being that active and all, lost 30lbs! Then gained 1/2 back :(, so I am starting it again. Not giving up on me!

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     Debi Wilson 

    Good for you Ann! Not giving up is what we have to do. Do you think your weight gain was from MS or an MS treatment?

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     Jilleen Verina 

    Hi Ann M.

    I have been skinny all my life, my work always burnt off everything, running lean I was. Now I sit around not burning anything off, so yes I have gained weight, but then so did my mother at the same age, mom was very thin when she was young like me.

    I never thought in a million years I would call myself fat lol. for the most part I am ok with the extra weight but don’t look as good naked now lol.


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     Debi Wilson 

    I know Jilly, it’s so difficult to maintain or lose weight being so inactive! I try to push myself but, I get to tired!

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    Trust me, I have just lost my partner of 19 years, 17 days ago, ( he died at home unexpectedly in his armchair after coming home from taking our dog to the pet groomers, ) and so far I have lost 15 lbs of weight, ( 1 st -1 lb, and I have primary progressive MS. Trust me, lose someone close to you, your weight will automatically just fly off.



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     Debi Wilson 

    Hi Jackie,
    It’s good to see you here. I’m sorry for all you have been through. I hope you are taking care of yourself.

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