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     Debi Wilson 

    Have you tried meditation?  Does it help to keep you focused and relieve stress ?

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    Yes infact I have used meditation for many years.  I use it for job interviews, I used it for the first 2 weeks of a new job. Now I use it to be calm, to calm my mind if it starts to go dark. I didn’t know what meditation really was when I was young but through the many array of self help books I learnt how to do it. Like all things it takes practise. I learnt to quiet my mind with meditation, I still use it to this day as the world is still full of problems that affect me.  and it’s ok to have no thoughts lol.

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     Debi Wilson 

    That’s sounds really helpful, Jilly. I think I will look into it. How long do you meditated at a time?

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    Hey Deb, well it used to be all the time when I was ill and mentally tired.  The mind wants to be in control all the time and the mind can be a bully. It takes years to master your mind.  The worst time for me now is when I go to bed, try and settle, my mind will pull up something negative from the day or from the past. When that happens I concentrate solely on my breathing to quiet my mind then I go to sleep. I have been mindful of negative self talk for many years and I can still battle with it but I am getting much better at it. YAY!

    And I don’t feel guilt from the past present or future. infact I refuse to feel guilty, as it’s a waist of good energy. I am what I am and if that’s not good enough for others then they can go, and they have lol.  Most people can’t handle the truth I have found, hence I am a NIF, (no important friends), sometimes that makes me feel sad, then I meditate it away.

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     Debi Wilson 

    Good for you, Jilly! I know what you mean about negative thoughts, they don’t help any of us! I have to work on keeping them away as well.  I will definitely try your technique , thanks! 🙂

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    Fantastic Deb. It’s called giving your self a break or simply be kind to yourself.

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     Ed Tobias 

    I wrote something about this back in January.

    Mindfulness: Putting Mind Over MS


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    Here in UK and at various MS Therapy Centres of which I was a member of the Bedford-Northants just before I moved to our new address, they ran Mindfulness courses but one had to put their name down and they only ran them when they had enough people interested which could take several months, of course I was the first one to place my name on the list but, sadly I had moved away, so never got to sample one. I would certainly put my name down if I ever have the chance anywhere else but as it is too far now to travel to an MS Therapy Centre, I am not pinning too much hopes on this.

    As for the title of ” Mind Over Matter,” I made a posting recently about doing that once many years ago, done it for the first time, even if I was too young and naive to have realised what I was actually doing but, it did work, so have no doubts that it wouldn’t work again, I have learnt, if one believes, anything, and everything is possible.


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     Ed Tobias 


    I like your positive attitude!


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