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      Nice to be a part of this community!

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      John Connor

      Hi Marceletrido

      I’m this sites other moderator.

      What a great name – am  presuming it’s your christian name. Had to really concentrate to spell it right! Hope I did!

      A while back wrote a column ‘An Open Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Patient’ based on correspondence in the Newly Diagnosed forum. There might be something in all of this relevant to you.

      Great that you’re posting already.

      Best John






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      Susan Erian

      Hello, I am new to this site too, and completely new new to forums. I hope i am in the correct place to ask this question.

      I wanted to ask a question about an MS symptom that i have, and i have not come across anyone else who suffers with it – it is called Allodynia or skin pain and i find it a really horrible very painful symptom. My neurologist tells me there is no effective treatment for this pain. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this symptom? And what if anything you have found effective at reducing the pain? Thank you for any comments.

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      Ed Tobias


      Allodynia is a new one on me. I haven’t heard of it in the 40 years that I’ve lived with MS. However, I have read comments on other sites from people who complain about serious skin pain. But I searched the main Multiple Sclerosis News Today website and found two articles that talk about it. One is a column and one is a report about a study. I hope they help.


      My Experience with MS Nerve Pain and Its Associated Sensations

      Sativex Relieves Pain in MS Patients, Italian Study Confirms

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      Susan Erian

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you very much for responding to my question, and thank you soo much for telling me about the articles which i intend to read now even though it is late – i am most interested to see what they have to say – i can’t thank you enough. Much appreciated.


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      Ed Tobias

      I hope the info is useful, Susan. If nothing else, it’ll give you some information to shre with the neuro who thinks that nothing can be done.


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      Collette Randall

      Hi Marceletrido, nice to meet you! Have a great experience on this forum. Good luck!

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