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     John Connor 

    Saturday morning I was woken by intense pain in my right  shoulder.  This one’s new…

    My right arm has been a problem for years.

    Was it the MS, a UTI or that I’d run out of my illegal substance.

    At the mo I’m not sure but I started  taking loads of CBD & the pain has eased. I’m even typing this with the use of my right hand [well, this sentence].

    First time I’ve felt for sure that CBD really makes a difference.

    Do you find CBD helpful?









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     J Howell 

    I’ve found CBD to be incredibly helpful! I’ve also found that all CBD products are not created equally. The ones that are good, though, are great! So far I’ve found that, averse though I am to smoking, the most effective CBD I’ve found has been cannabis with high CBD and no THC content smoked. It seems to work faster that way. Your mileage may vary, but that’s been my experience.

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     John Connor 

    The CBD I use is ‘Love CBD Entourage‘ from Holland. As to smoking the real thing –  I couldn’t roll a joint even when I was well! Hey, ironing was also beyond me…. Liquid marijuana is the way to go. I now have a nightly ritual of a cocoa to which I add a touch of Cognac and towards the end a few drops of the magic elixir. This has the double benefit of giving a superb rest and when I get the munchies am by then in bed. It really then is far too complicated for me to do feed it.

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       J Howell 

      Ha! Yeah…I never had much skill rolling either, even back when I was a recreational connoisseur. I use a lovely glass pipe made by a friend who’s a talented glassblower.

      I don’t mind the liquids I’ve tried thus far, but so far my experience has been that even the better ones weren’t as consistent as I’d like. Some bottles seemed very effective and the next, not so much, even when it should have been identical…or maybe I’m just imagining that. Smoking seems to work faster in any case, though. That said, I don’t really like the idea of smoking anything, so perhaps I need to research further to find a good liquid.

      Sometimes I feel like it’d be easier to just smoke pot like…well, like I used to, really. Unfortunately at some point several years ago, something changed and all of the negative side effects I used to think people were imagining or exaggerating about marijuana started happening to me. It went from something I’d always enjoyed to an instant panic attack. Not good! CBD gives me all of the positive, non-psychotropic effects with non of the negative weirdness. Granted, there’s no “high”, but that’s not what I’m after anyway. For lack of a better descriptor, MS aside, CBD usually just makes me feel “normal” again. It doesn’t make the MS symptoms disappear by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems to lessen the severity of many of them, especially muscle spasticity.

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