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      Contracted EBV 4 years ago at age 41. Since then I can tell you without a doubt that it is causing issues with my body functionality. I can feel it in my brain and now my limbs. It’s subtle and hard to articulate to anyone but very evident to me. I know EBV causes MS just as sure as I know air keeps me alive. You know some things without knowing why. It’s a survival instinct and we’re wired for it. Are there ANY rational doctors out there that will actually make an attempt to cure EBV? Heck all viruses? I read in MIT news, FredHutch and business insider all these lab studies that showcase our ability to cure them but nothing ever comes out. Do you know of clinical trials? Curing EBV, HPV and HSV would cut a huge swath in cancer and MS incident across the world. I have collected all three of these over the years and I’m just waiting for the inevitable now. It’s comically obvious the cure to cancer is not treating cancer. It’s stopping it at the root causes. ds/ssDNA and ds/ssRNA VIRUSES, little DNA particles you get from kissing and intercourse with other people.. it’s not the only cause of cancer, but it’s a huge percent. Obviously, radiation exposure (funny that’s a treatment) and other toxic environmental causes are out there.  Treating the symptoms is nice and profitable but PLEASE there has to be a cure. If any knows about clinical trials to treat viral infections listed above, please let me know.

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      Debi Wilson

      Hi Spot,

      Thanks for starting this topic. I had Mono when I was 14, I feel that had something to do with me being  diagnosed with MS  at age 53, eight years ago.  It took a long for the MS to manifest.

      You are in a good position, as you know the virus could possibly turn in to MS down the road. That means you can be proactive eating healthy foods, staying active, take a multi vitamin, vitamin D and avoiding stress. Keep up to date on your yearly wellness visits and make sure your Doctor knows your concerns. That’s what I would do.

      You said you have not been  diagnosed with MS, be thankful, you may never be. My advice is to lhave a healthy lifestyle and have a positive outlook. Our brains can make our bodies feel and respond to how we are thinking. Remaining  positive is a must!



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      I struggle with staying positive sometimes 🙂 I agree I am in a good position it just is frustrating knowing the enemy and not have real tools to fight it.  Thank you for the sage advice and kind words!

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      My thoughts exactly Spot, re, ” knowing the enemy but not having the tools to fight it..” I just hate the feeling of being out of control….I have strived most of my life ( 67 years of it ) with the last two with my now PPMS ) to be constantly in control but…all of a sudden this b*** of an illness has come along and taken over…and it has left me very little to take back control but, I will fight against it with all my might…I will not let it win…I will fight back as long as I am still here to fight back..



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      Debi Wilson

      YW Spot! You came to the right place, we are here for you. We all understand the frustration and not understanding the course the disease may take. Please, feel free to post any of your concerns or questions! Good to see you too Jackie!

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      My sister had pre-MS and was diagnosed with MS after having COVID a month ago. I’ve been helping her find ways to manage it and found Dr. Terry Wahls. I got my sister her books last week so there hasn’t been time to see if it helps, but it’s worth trying. Dr. Terry Wahls battled MS and came out with some hopeful approaches that seem to help a lot of people. Her own story is pretty amazing, having gone from a wheelchair to biking 16 miles in just a year. It can’t hurt to look into her work: https://terrywahls.com/

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      Ed Tobias

      Hi Susan,

      Welcome to the forum. I apologize for the delay in responding but we’ve been tied up moving to our winter digs in Florida from our apartment in Gaithersburg! We also owned a house in Derwood for about 25 years, off Redland Road. I wonder where you are in Rockville.

      I hope you find useful information here. I’m 72 years old and have had MS since I was 32. I’m not a big fan of the various MS diets but I know that some people swear by them, including the Wahls diet. Though my MS has progressed to the point where I use a scooter to get around I think that various medications helped slow that progression.

      Since you’re looking at various books you might want to look at mine. Here’s a shameless plug for “We’re Not Drunk, We Have MS.” It’s designed for MS newbies and you can find it on Amazon, Apple Books and elsewhere.

      I hope your sister does well with whatever treatment she chooses.


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