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      John Connor

      This week I face up to and accept the inevitable. Secondary progressive MS.

      It all feels bleak. Long ago I adopted the philosophy of  accepting what was – rather than what I wanted it to be. This didn’t stop me from trying to change things  however, but this looks pretty unchangeable!

      Anyone got any thoughts, ideas, gone thru this themselves.




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      I admire anybody who tries to make MS a ‘known and knowable’ disease. Thanks for those who do!

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      John Connor

      Ta Yvonne. I’m not that altruistic there is a stipend involved.


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      It’s still a commendable enterprize John. Finding information about MS and its effects, treatments and consequences can be difficult for a lot of people.

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      John Connor

      Hey Shorty, all your replies r very commendable. Get a lot of response to my columns but not so much on here! And this is supposed to be a space for discussion.

      Ask away about info, I probably won’t know it, but Ed my co-moderator probably will!. He’s had MS for 40 years & has been writing about it far longer than me.

      Cheers John


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      Thanks John. I keep pretty well up to date with it but a lot of people do seem to struggle. Have a good one.

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      Ed Tobias

      Hello all,

      It’s been a busy and stressful week for me. I’m changing my legal residence from Maryland to Florida and when I went to change my driver’s license they made me take a driving test.  At age 72!! Keep an eye out for my MS Wire column this Friday in which I tell that tale.

      I love trying to help people, both able bodied and us MS “gimps,” understand more about our illness. I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge out there – even on the part of some neurologists – so I’ve written my column here for almost 5 years and have also written a book: “We’re Not Drunk, We Have MS.”

      I follow the belief that, rather than hiding from the storm it’s better to learn to dance in the rain. I hope you all do the same.



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      John Connor

      That’s quite an achievement if u passed  it Ed, Even if I was able bodied I’d struggle to pass a UK driving test today. They’ve got a lot harder and I’d resent the time [and money] it would take to do it!

      Precociously I took my first test on my 17th birthday [our legal age to start driving in the UK].  Of course I failed, not because I couldn’t drive  – I just couldn’t drive for the test! Had six lessons with a v. skeptical instructor.  Want back  and passed.

      Now, I can’t even get into my ridiculously expensive, adapted drivers seat!





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