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     Debi Wilson 

    It has been shown that kindness can help our wellbeing. Do you feel being kind helps you? Should kindness be a priority when dealing with others with MS?

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     Joan Bondira 

    Yes, but only if the kindness is given as it s own reward; it can’t be transactional, as in “I’ll be nice to you so you’ll be nice to me.”

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     Debi Wilson 

    I didn’t think of that, but so true, Joan!

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    I’m afraid I treat people as they treat me…I am more kinder to animals than I am to any human beings, so I think that says it all to how I have been treated during my 67 plus years of my life…I do have a lot of empathy, I have feelings, I am not a cold person unlike the man I live with…

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     Cynthia King 

    Yes. Since my ms limits my contact with others, when I do go out I try to say complementary things to random people. You can usually can tell what complements people would like to hear: a cashier who obviously spent a lot of money on her nails I’d say, wow your nails are gorgeous, or somebody who dresses well I’d say your outfit is so on point. To people who don’t have anything specific, I say what a nice smile you have or did anybody ever tell you you have beautiful eyes? The thing is I am sincere. I don’t blow smoke up peoples’ skirts. I guess the smile I get in return is enough. It feels good to make others feel good I guess. But my family thinks I’m nuts and wish I would just shut up.

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    Yes of course, I love to give, but I also like to be remember but that doesn’t happen with my family.  The best medicine is laughter, you can’t fault a good belly laugh.

    Cynthia, you sound like a really kind person and give your energy away to random people.  You should keep it for yourself. Most people have no clue what your going through on a daily basis, how could they.  I have taken myself out of the real world, not interested in people anymore.  When I look back on my life people just took advantage of my kind and giving nature.  Now I pretty much keep it to myself apart from the odd burst of giving as I do enjoy it.  I just don’t do it often.

    At the moment I am gathering gifts (Aliexpress, online shop) for no particular reason for my great neice(6) and nephew(7), as I don’t do birthdays or christmas.

    5 years ago I experienced PTSD, I was very ill, it rocked my belief system and I lost 10kgs in weight, I couldn’t eat or talk and having PPMS on top of that, I was a mess to say the least.  Since my ongoing recovery I have decided to put others second.  I come first now and that is hard to do all the time.  Life has a way of still happening whether you go out or not lol.  Stuff still happens.  Funny that.

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    I too have learnt the hard way…I look after number one now….

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