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      I am not a rich man by any means living on disability but the vehicle I have now is not right for my condition.My doctor does not think I should drive any more and my wife agreed with him and so do my boys well that is fine except I cannot get into the right side of the vehicle because I cannot lift my left leg into the vehicle and the back seat has no room so I am having a issue finding and buying a wheelchair accessible van or something bigger and not government shuttle’s or cabs I want my own transportation so any idea’s guys I am looking into grants or fund raising of some kind I don’t know I am probably out of luck I hardly go anywhere now because of it hate it

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      Debi Wilson

      That would be frustrating, Steven. It’s good you are checking into grants and programs. I know there are “Gofundme” accounts that people can set up.  Other than that, all I know is that there are shuttles that will pick up people in their wheelchairs. You would just have to check and see what is available in your city.

      I hope more people have ideas to share !

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      Oh yes, that ” heavy leg ” syndrome, mine is the right leg, quite embarrassing really having to lift it up to get into the car, I think I have the knack to it now.

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      Hi Steve,


      I too use a Hoveround.  To go out, my friends would have to assist me (lift legs into car).  A van or SUV-no way, except for my son who will basically lift me up and “throw” me onto the passenger seat.


      Since my friends are older or have physical limitations themselves, was nervous about going with them lately.  So-last Friday I got a used Dodge Caravan minivan with a ramp so I can just drive my power chair right into the minivan.  Actually went out Saturday!  so much easier and less stressful for everyone.


      I got it through Mobility Works, they are nationwide and can arrange for transport if the vehicle you want is in a different state (mine was in WI).  Inventory on line, new and used (I saw some from 2010) so much less than a new accessible vehicle.


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      Ed Tobias

      Hey Mary –

      Good for you! I’ve used a scooter for years and it’s been on trains, and boats and planes, as well as in the back of my SUV. I’ve ridden it in 15 or 16 countries. There’s no reason we can’t be as mobile as possible.


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      Steven Whitson, my father has the same issues. We’ve got him a scooter, and it kinda resolved an issue.

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      Paula Mieczkowski

      Good luck paying for that.  Maybe with your wife working you can afford it.  Wishing you luck from West by God Virginia

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      John Connor

      Feel bad as I live in UK and we have ‘Motability‘ charity that leases scooters/cars/vans to the disabled.
      It has its limits thou – had to pay circa £20k for the adaptations needed for my van. Has a wheelchair lift. Also spent a good proportion of that on specialist movable seat so I could drive it. Hit by pandemic & MS relapses so now can’t. Hey-ho.
      Think UK Gov provides funding to the charity.

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