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    The past few weeks I’ve been uncomfortably warm at night and even getting a “southern blush”.     Then suddenly I’m getting full blown night sweats.    I’m 74 and left that stuff behind a long time ago.

    Last night I woke up drenched from head to toe.   Dogs were moving away, I was throwing covers back and my husband is saying not nice words.     So – because, these days, I’m suspicious of anything strange I googled MS Night Sweats.    It was there!!!   I cannot believe that this is a problem.   Twice in one lifetime and this time has no foreseeable end?

    Is anyone else having this problem?    And, can we use the same thing we used for menopause?    Is it connected with hormones?    I’m guessing not.

    Any suggestions – I’ll take one and all.    Now going to strip bed and change sheets.






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