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      John Connor

      ‘The researchers noted that urinary disorders are often overlooked in MS compared with other disease symptoms — and that early therapeutic intervention is needed to avoid further problems and to improve patients’ lives’.

      This study was just picked up by our news team. And the above quote from the report is exactly what happened to me. It was in the UK ten years ago. It may have all improved but I doubt it.

      Urologist’s are a strange dogmatic lot. If u don’t go in knowing your stuff u’ll be in for a bad time. It was only when I knew mine that they could no longer, ironically, take the piss!!!

      Anything like this happen to you?

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      You certainly do need to do your homework John. When I was in hospital being nuked, radiation therapy, a doctor arrogantly, without informing me let alone discussing it, changed my prescription from Mirabegron to Oxybutynin. I had been using this previously but found I couldn’t tolerate it so we had a verbal altercation in the 4 bed ward which was embarrassing for the doctor.

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        John Connor

        Good for you mate. I did a similar thing recently when about to go home from hospital and the doctor refused to remove an indwelling catheter. I had a whole ward, nurses & 2 ambulancemen [suppressing snickers] over my threat to do a lie down strike. It was an away win. x

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      I have PPMS and use Oxybutynin for about 3 years. They work really good, but for how long as I have had to up it to two a day. They also helped number two’s as well, takes the sense of urgency away, giving me time to get to the bathroom. Yay to that!

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      Stephen Kent

      I’ve had problems with urinary and BM. I’m in an assisted living nursing home. Today out of the blue they decided I’m physically able to give myself a bed bath(not true). They say if I can operate a wheelchair I must be fine. It took me 3 Years to be strong enough to with help stand up with my walker an slowly back up an get helped into my wheelchair. The said they saw me brush my teeth. I can feed my self. I must be well! So wrong, so sad. I need help and welcome it. Today my life was turned upside-down. Oh well.

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        Hi Stephen, sounds like a rough day.  You need a support person, like a family member or close friend to bat for you.  How dare they treat you like that.  It’s pure ignorance.

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      John Connor

      Hi Stephen,
      I echo Jilly’s answer.
      Just looked up your profile & see that u’re in the US. Don’t know enough about your health infrastructure as a Limey! But here would reach out to the UK MS Society et al for help/advice.
      Also u must be a paying client – there must be a complaints procedure?
      If u r on your own [no family support perhaps] it must be hard to make a stink. But I was always a fighter in my own way – in my case political correctness in comedy in the 80’s. Not the extreme case u have now BTW!
      I found that this all came in v. handy to fight the innumerable battles that being severely ill get thrown at u. U’d think society would make it easy on us but it’s always the most vulnerable that often get short shrift.
      There must also be a medical authority complaints procedure.
      Of course if it’s like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’ ignore all that. Just hope u’ve got a huge native American friend to sort it!
      Best John

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