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      John Connor

      In my latest column ‘The Mouth That Roared and Roared‘ I experienced the worst attack of TN I’ve yet experienced!

      Is it a harbinger?

      Please, please share your TN experiences….

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      Brad Thomas

      As i am fairly new to this world, my first bout of TN landed me in the ER and led to my MS diagnosis. Does having one always lead to another attack? Mine was a year and a half ago.

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      Ed Tobias

      Brad –

      I don’t know about TN but with relapsing MS attacks of various symptoms can come and go. If you search “RRMS” or “relapsing MS” on the home page (click “home” at the top of this page to get there) you can find a lot of info. The same for searching for “trigeminal neuralgia.”

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      John Connor

      Hi Brad
      Ta for replying mate.
      Unfortunately as far as I know it does!
      It can go into abeyance for a while but then nabs you.
      From the net research I’ve done the most worrying aspect is that the mylein on the neurons themselves are being attacked!
      Talk to your Doctor or Neurologist and get some special pain meds in – you’ll need them! The pain takes a completely different route. The best is oxcarbazepine.
      Even though I’d had MS for 7 years and by that time had become a columnist on this site it came as a complete shock to me! Do love word play.
      Think I’ve now written 3 cols about it:
      The Mouth that Roared
      Don’t Turn Anything Down!
      The Mouth That Roared and Roared

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