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31 Days of MS: Choose to Live Life to the Fullest

31 Days of MS: Choose to Live Life to the Fullest
Photo courtesy of Katie Collett

Day 31 of 31

This is Katie Collett’s story:

“You have multiple sclerosis” were words that struck fear in my heart nine years ago. I thought my life and my dreams were over. As I learned more about my diagnosis and met more people living with MS, I quickly realized I still have a lot of life to live.

That is my goal: Live life. It’s easy to get so focused on the fact that we have MS. I genuinely believe it’s easy to forget to live. I do my best to focus on things I enjoy.

When I can, I play basketball. I work out, go to the beach, swim, play with my son, and go on dates with my husband. When my body says no, and I am dealing with MS fatigue or a flare-up, I make it a movie night and order my favorite food. I find ways to relax.

It’s so important to find the light in what can feel like a dark diagnosis. We need vitamin D, right?! So, when the sun is shining, get outside and soak it up! Take a walk, or a ride if you’re in a wheelchair. Work in your garden. Plant some flowers to add a pop of color to your life. If it’s too hot, sit by a window, do a puzzle, read a book, knit, or just drink some tea. Let that sunshine brighten your spirits.

Remember to give yourself some grace. We are allowed to have bad days. We are entitled to feel angry at times about our diagnosis. However, don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. When you feel your thoughts slipping toward the negative, find something, anything, which allows you to focus on the good in life.

Getting an MS diagnosis does not mean we have to block out the fun in our lives. On the contrary. I say we should find the fun and hold on to it for as long as we can. We’ve earned it.

Multiple Sclerosis News Today’s 31 Days of MS campaign will publish one story per day for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in March. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more stories like this, using the hashtag #31DaysofMS, or go here to see the full series.

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