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      Is anyone taking biotin?  My neurologist told me to take 100 mg 3 x day.    When I do the conversion to micrograms which is the way it comes that’s 100000 mcgs.    Lots of pills.

      How much are you taking and where are you purchasing your pills?    Any help – so appreciated.



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      Hi Micki,

      Yes, I take Biotin once a day. The dose is 10,00 mcg. I purchase it from iHerb.

      I hope this helps.

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      John Connor

      Hi Micki & Lysi

      It’s John, your friendly neighborhood moderator here.

      I’m afraid Micki am about to drizzle on your neurologist’s parade. This recent study shows there seems to ne no benefit. It’s explained on the UK MS website in easier to understand journalese dated March 11, 2020.

      I’m more than sure that our own news team were also on the case!

      I take an inordinate amount of supplements on the off chance that even one might do me some good!. That col is from Feb 2018! If anything I take more now – researching for this job does tend to keep me on top of the latest research!!

      Still take the Biotin I’ve got left – the blurb on the packaging states: ‘Support for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails’.

      I’m going for ‘Luxurious’!

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      Ed Tobias

      Here’s a little more info.


      Need to Know: High-dose Biotin Protocol

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      John…healthy hair – skin and nails are the least of our problems but, good to know there is something out there on the market that will make us look good, if not make us feel better…yes do keep up your ” luxurious ” look…


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