Bayer Introduces Self-injecting Device to Help Growing Number of MS Patients in Middle East

Bayer Introduces Self-injecting Device to Help Growing Number of MS Patients in Middle East

An increase in multiple sclerosis cases in the Middle East and North Africa has prompted Bayer to introduce to the region an injector that patients can use to treat themselves.

Researchers have suggested that increases in the region’s cases stem from many people adopting Western lifestyles, including smoking and using sun protection products, obtaining too little vitamin D, and being exposed to environmental problems like air pollution.

Bayer said its auto-injector will be the first component of an innovative dose delivery system for MS. Patients can use it by itself or as part of a software-based system that keeps track of their injection history and allows them to share information with healthcare providers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a supplemental biologics license application in 2017 for two Bayer products designed to help MS patients keep track of their injections of Betaseron (interferon beta-1b. The approvals were for myBETAapp and Betaconnect Navigator software.

The navigator allows patients to use Bluetooth technology to connect their autoinjector to a  myBETAapp on their cellphone or laptop. The connection lets them share their injection information with their healthcare team. Patients can also manually enter injection information into the myBETAapp.

“Multiple Sclerosis is a rising concern across the region,” Jihad Inshasi said in a news release that Bayer provided to Multiple Sclerosis News Today. “It is a difficult condition to diagnose due to the complexity and variability of symptoms, which may vary from one person to the other.

“Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is a critical life event and can have a big impact on a patient’s life,” he said. “However, with the new treatments in hand, patients can alleviate the conditions that arise from the disease” and doctors can “improve the quality of life of people living with this condition.”

Inshasi is a neurologist who directs the MS clinic at Rashid Hospital in Dubai. He is also a member of the Middle East North Africa Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis.





  1. Al says:

    I wish these guys advertising injections get on injection themselves (One a day) for 5 years before they say anything nice about them to desperate people. I gave up my Rebif 44 after 5 years of suffering. (and all the other medications)! And not when I was on a remission. exercise, Whole food plant based diet for me also a vegan. I decided against violence against the animal, myself and the planet as a whole. I feel so much better. Read nutrition please. As a customary precaution; Don’t do what I do, you are not me and I am not a doctor. I am actually attemting to reverse my dis-ease Be well Kind Regards A Cakirerk at Twitter.

  2. Jonathan Mitchell Elsenbroek says:

    Dear Carolina; just read your article (twice) and thought it was great. It generated many thoughts in my MS mind which I believe is a good thing. Diagnosed with 2ndryPMS in April, 2012, I have succumbed to many of the ailments that accompany this condition. To sum up my take away from this article I would say gratitude.
    This disease is a mofo which many know. To have someone like you on the side of the MS warrior is like having a Lebron James caliber player on your basketball team. Thank you for studying this condition and sharing your thoughts.
    I didn’t know there was an increase of MS in the Middle East and North Africa and that some think Western lifestyle and Vitamin D may play a role in that. Nor did I know Bayer was in the MS business. But having MS I am aware of Big Pharma’s role in MS and many of the intricacies associated with having this condition. I also like the energy reading articles like this one (ones pertaining to MS) generate in my MS mind. It is good for me and my MS. Thanks again.


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