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31 Days of MS: Dream, Believe, Achieve is My Motto

31 Days of MS: Dream, Believe, Achieve is My Motto

Day 11 of 31

This is Shane Stanley’s story:

My name is Shane and I am 29, living with MS since 2011. In the beginning, I experienced mild symptoms until they progressed in 2018.

From that time, I have realized that MS is a gift. It has taught me to appreciate and love life, to value the little things, and, even more so, the big things. MS has pushed me to my limits but has pushed me to achieve and do better.

In 2018, I was hospitalized after experiencing little to no use of my hands. I struggled to walk and had to use a wheelchair. While at my lowest, I set myself two clear goals: to fulfill an ambition to climb a mountain and to get back behind the wheel of my rally car.

The aftermath of my hospitalization had many repercussions. I was unable to stand for long, support my own body weight, write my own name, or hold a utensil.

However, I had set my goals. In July 2018, I achieved my first goal, finishing the Galtee Challenge — a 34 km hike over eight peaks with a total ascent of 1,700 meters. I completed the challenge in 8.5 hours, with the aid of hiking poles, all the while experiencing excruciating pain in my knees.

In November 2019, I finally got to put on my race suit again at the final round of the Irish Rallycross Championship in Mondello Park. I had never competed before and went there full of anxiety and nerves.

In July 2020, my hands deteriorated, so I was admitted to the hospital for a two-week plasma exchange procedure. However, during the third day, I went into cardiac arrest. It was an extremely scary experience but knowing my inner strength, I was determined to continue to achieve my goals. Three months later, I was back behind the wheel of my rally car and standing on the top of a mountain, enjoying the things I love in life.

MS has affected me in many ways from severe hand tremors to major fatigue but this has not stopped me. I work for a leading motorsport electrics company, building high-spec wiring harnesses for leading motorsport teams. Building these harnesses requires the intricate use of my hands, and the tremors have made it a challenge. However, I know we thrive on a challenge.

I live by the motto: dream, believe, achieve.

Multiple Sclerosis News Today’s 31 Days of MS campaign will publish one story per day for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in March. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more stories like this, using the hashtag #31DaysofMS, or go here to see the full series.

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  1. MADELINE l NEWTON says:

    now this is a great determined person with this terrible monster we all call MS but he didn’t let it stop him for he just kept fighting determined to not let it win….so very very proud of you ….wow just love what you have shown in doing what you wanted to accomplish and was able to do by your determination and hard work …this is how i feel also when can and will in our own way do it to show we will….love it …much more happiness in what ever life throws your way and what you want out of life…

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