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    • Patricia Pesiri says:

      Hi Davi my name is Patty I’ve been reading that book also starting to follow it also I’ve had ms for 20yrs and reading every thing there’s so much crap in foods now I’m totally disgusted with food today their trying to kill us. Now that I’m eating totally organic is the way to feel better. And go broke I do feel better even with being broke LOL Patty

      • Jinelle says:

        Hi Patricia, mu brother has MS and he started using IT works greens. It actually made him feel better. It’s all plant base. Look into the ingredients and see if this maybe something you can try.

    • Fran Lorant-Moore says:

      I was on Avonex probably 27 yrs. ago until after about 6 Months and the shot was paralyzing my legs. Neuro thought it was a bad batch. Got a new batch and after 1 more week was paralyzing again. Just taught me a lesson to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER DRUG put out for MS. Am perfect except for R. FOOT-DROP and now just exercising with my PT at LSU to regain my ability to walk again. I cured my Spasticity with 4 BVT stings to the brain stem, never to come back ever from 10 yrs. ago. Don’t believe in drugs or medicines since they don’t know what causes MS, how can you make a drug for it????

      • Gloria Gomez says:

        Yes you are right. My daughter has ms for 6 years. She never takes any thing although From time to time she has bad days. One good thing is going for therapy and have oxigen chamber for 12 hours 2 every day it helps a lot also Reiki is fantastic : a lot of rest at night and busy during the day. Think positive tallk to your own inchild asked him/her what is the problem how you both work together tell her/him how much you love her/him this is called DEEP Therapy is fantastic and really works.

    • Veronica Bazan says:

      I am currently in the OCRELIZUMAB study at UCSF and so far I still have the ability to walk and the study is going on 4 years now
      Praise God????

      • Lynne Wallace says:

        Is this drug mainly for people with PPMS who still have the ability to walk? I discontinued Ampyra, since there was no improvement whatsoever. I have been using a scooter and walker for about 10 years.

    • Tom Schaaf says:

      I started ocrelizumab trial shortly after PPMS diagnosis in 2012 (symptomatic for at least 5-6 years prior). I have declined while on it, so I’m not sure it is doing much. But I’m still walking (albeit with more difficulty from RT foot drop and leg weakness/poor coordination), working, and living independently, so I count my blessings. I’m still taking ocrelizumab as there really isn’t anything else out there for PPMS. One person in the trial at my site has had good results.

  1. Bonnie Young says:

    RESEARCH WILL ONLY HELP us all so let me know. Now, i am 6 YEARS on Tysabri and in wheelchair~ BUT~ BUT~ BUT~ i am ALIVE !!
    it’s all good, positive out look is the BEST life saver and of course GOD !



  2. Dixie Moore says:

    I have Primary Progressive MS. Been in a wheelchair for 13 yes. My MS Specialist only has me taking Cellcept, Baclofennn + Vitamin D. I’m interested in taking a new “trial” !!!

  3. Jacklynn Baker says:

    I have PPMS. Diagnosed 2 yrs. ago but symptoms started >11 yrs. ago. Still walking and want to keep it that way. Really want to take part in the Chemo & Stem Cell treatment. Interested in the drug Ocrevus (Ocrelizumab) but unsure if my body will hold out until Dec. 2016.

    • Linda M House says:

      Try drum cells from Texas and you have to go to Cancun to receive them. People have had good success. Contact Sammi Jo Wilkerson.

  4. Rita kataria says:

    My son Amar has ppms and was diagnosed 9 years ago. He was walking with difficulty but as he has progressed fast he is on wheelchair and dependent on us totally. If any trials we would like to be considered thank you.

    • Laura Kolaczkowski says:

      BE sure to talk with the neurologist treating Amar – there should be some exciting new studies coming for PPMS, thanks to a big commitment internationally to do more .

    • Kathi says:

      You are not alone. My son was 27 when he was diagnosed a year ago and in that year he went from on his own and no visible problems to needing a cane and brace with foot drop and spasticity in his foot.
      He has not been told which type he has, He gets Tysabri infusions..we do not ask because we don’t want to hear progressive…it is hard, but we love our son and we are grateful his personality remains. I hope you find some blessing and we all find a cure

    • Michelle says:

      Hello Ronnie,
      Great to meet you. My name is Michelle D. age 42 diagnosed when I was 26 now I have progressed to RSPMS and I’m curious to know what your Dr. has prescribed or recommended to alleviate the balance issue? It is horrible and any tips are welcomed,
      Have a great day,
      Michelle D.

    • Laura Kolaczkowski says:

      Ronnie, this is not a clinical trial for drugs, but we are looking at the big picture of MS and are an IRB controlled study. Please join me at – there are more details in my recent article here on Multiple Sclerosis New Today at Remember everyone affected by MS can join, regardless or type or age…. we need you to help us find the cure.- Laura

    • Patricia says:

      Hi my name is Patty I also have balance issues have a walker with a seat have to hold on to what ever is avalabel I’ve been on copaxone but I’m still moving God Bless

    • Breean Manning says:

      My daughter too has SPMS…I never see any trials wanting MS Patients with SPMS….Please let us know when they are available…


    I was diagnosed MS over 20 years ago-I try to keep active as possible using a wheelchair forgetting to shops which I don’t do very often. My symptoms seem to have got worse the last 23 three years. So consultant has said I have secondary progressive MS-only treatments I’m given are for pain-pregablin nortriptalyn. Ongoing problems with my bladder and bowel so I take it many medication is for that. My mobility has worsened considerably in the last couple of years, and my cognitive ability has diminished, along with my balance and coordination. I am very willing to take part in clinical trials, I take LDN which limits of my diet. I think this is helped considerably-that things continue to deteriorate.

    • Patrica Pesiri (Patty) says:

      Hi Catherine my name is Patricia I also have MS for over 25yrs taken cops zone with no problems all though I have pain everyday there is hope and I will never lose that positive thinking is what we need never give in won’t let it win we at all winners

  6. Mary Ann Cincinnati says:

    . I am 53. I have PPMS and in a wheelchair. I stopped tecfidera on my own for the second time I currently do not have a neuro. because I moved. They say nothing helps PPMS and i’m tired of poisoning my body. Two years ago I did adipose stem cells and that didn’t do a thing either. I take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) which I found out about in an ms grp. A lot of docs have never heard of it. I hope it is slowing progression. I give this monster to God now.

    • Debbie says:

      Mary Ann, Where did you have the stem cells and how were they given to you? We are looking into stem cells for my husband who has PPMS and would appreciate your feed back about your experience. thanks

    • DeAnna says:

      Mary Ann, Google hospitals around the world that preform HSCT, email Hospitals to see, you are young enough, good luck. You will see the legitimate hospitals.

      • Mary says:

        Hi Maryanne –
        I probably have SPMS. You sould check out Dave Bexfields wesite He had a stem cell transplant and talks about his trials getting Presbyterian his insurane topay for it.

  7. Kristie says:

    I have RRMS. I have had it for 9 years. I tried Betaseron, Copaxone, and Aubagio. I had horrible side effects from all three which didn’t subside until few weeks after I stopped taking the medication. Most disabling symptoms are cognitive and fatigue. Please notify me about all clinical trials. Thank you.

    • Del says:

      I was diagnosed with tumefactive rrm ms in 2010. I had nearly a year on avonex which made me depressed and suicidal. A friend read an article on Low dose naltrexone. I approached my neuro and he in fact was prescribing it to a couple of others. I’ve been taking it since late 2013. It instantly helped my wee frequency, rarely have to wee in the middle of the night. My intolerance to hot water in shower has improved and I don’t need water to be barely warm. Cognitive issues improved. After a week on LDN my mum declared that I was myself again:) I take vitamin d3 and roughly follow wahls protocol. I haven’t relapsed since beginning of 2013. I can still walk and use a cane some days better than others. I have invested in a Rollz Flex rollator in order to walk everyday to improve fitness, walking ability and fatigue. The fatigue I get now is not like what I got pre LDN which used to make me sleep for like 17 hours a day for weeks on end. I’m on the look out for stem cell trials for the kind that don’t require chemo of which I’m sure I’ve read about:). If you or anyone else need more info re LDN don’t hesitate to ask. I saw Marrianne in a comment mention to avoid toxic people and I agree with that. They make the MS journey even harder:)

    • Sonia says:

      Hi I’m Sonia. Stopped taking Tecifidera as continued to have relapses. Does your diet contain fruit,veg n nuts or not? Going to start Aubagio but not looking forward to side effects.

  8. DeAnna says:

    I already submitted my information. I am scheduled for HSCT January 30th, by by m.s! Google HSCT.
    M.s. is a disease in your blood system that effects your nervous system. All neurologists do is prescribed drugs that will only slow the inevitable. It’s all about the money.

  9. Diana Guerin says:

    I have MS 29 years and been on every drug going. I have yet to find one that i feel good on i have PPMS. Next week i am starting Ocrelizumaba. Really praying this will help me feel some way normal. Wishing you all the best of luck and may we all find something that will make our lives easier to cope with.

    • Tammy Barry says:

      Diana, how have you been doing since starting Ocrelizumab? My husband has PPMS, now 17 years since actual diagnosis but symptoms long before, and never has a day when he feels good anymore. Tecfidera currently but I want him to try Ocrelizuzmab.

  10. Cindy Watkins says:

    I was diagnosed 1991 with MS. I was on Avonex and Copaxone for 15 years. My new Dr. took me off Avonex saying that double therapy has not shown to be effective. I totally disagree, since she took me off Avonex I have progressively gotten worse at a high rate of speed. I have been in a wheelchair since 2002, but my symptoms have increased steadily, but supposedly there hasn’t been a change in my MRI. I would love to be on a clinical trial.

  11. Nancy Weingrad says:

    I’m Nancy and I was diagnosed with rrms 3 years ago at age 51. I have been on Rebif injections 3 times per week for 3 yrs.Now new neurologist says it isn’t doing anything for me and is putting me on techfidera twice daily. Haven’t started yet.Waiting for specialty pharmacy to approve it. Biggest problem is walking. I now use a wheeled walker. Also just got a brace for my right leg. Seems to help.Do not use it when I drive.I hope and pray that in the near future we can lick this horrible disease. Please keep a good attitude . It is very important.

  12. Patricia says:

    For all those with RRMS keep a good attitude and read labels in the food you eat, corporate America is putting poisons in the food we eat,try to eat organic when u can I’ve had RRMS now for quit awhile following Wahls protocol also starting to see a change slowly but there is some truth to the Matter. I use a walker with a seat I refuse to use a wheel chair I believe it’s all the way u think and use your mind that has kept me moving Best luck to all can’t keep a old dog down LOL

  13. Deborah Harter Williams says:

    My husband has PPMS and we are interested in the trials for PONs therapy. Some exciting successes at the University of Wisconsin, now, I understand in trials via the military for possible treatment of TBI. Company in Pennsylvania, partially funded by Montel Williams (Helius Medical) reports that trials are underway. Anybody know about this?

    • BW says:

      This is completely out of left field, 100% anecdotal, but MAY be helpful. I was in a trial recently (3 months ago) with a neuromodulation device that measured cognition. It lasted about a month and while my “cognition scores” improved, I also felt an improvement in my mobility so I am interested in exploring this type of product.

    • Lucy Mincheva says:

      Hi, I am Lucy from Bulgaria. My son has had MS for 26 years since he was 17. He was OK until 3 y ago, I believe because we made the decision not to take any drugs. His condition worsened recently and since 1 years he is using a walker. We are now experimenting with the PoNs device (still not approved by FDA) and it helps!.
      We wish to buy it – a Russian company Altair got a licence from Helius medical (Wisconsin university) to distribute it in the ex Soviet countries and we hope this will happen soon. It really works. His strength and walking ability improved in just 2-3 weeks

  14. jenna says:

    i have been on terry wahls diet for four years. no more brain fog, improvement in fatigue and,this year, improvement in heat intolerance. I seem to be getting better with each passing year. my approach was not looking at what I had to give up, but at how much there was to eat in the vegie world. I recommend trying this diet to anyone who hasnt!

  15. Breean Manning says:

    I am Breean,
    I have had MS since 1996…I am 39 years old and have secondary progressive MS…I am in a wheelchair and I have ataxia too. Like MS isn’t enough..I am interested in any trials that can get me back on track again. I have purchased the Wahls book and my mother is reading it. My vision is poor as I have optic neuritous…Please if there are any trials I am willing to be part of any of them.
    Thank you

  16. BW says:

    My profile is 54 year old male who has SPMS (diagnosed in 1989), in a scooter and have tried virtually every FDA “approved for MS” drug and far more “off label” FDA approved drugs as treatment. Avonex, Copaxone, Tysabri twice, Stem Cells and most things “alternative” to name a handful. Only successes are first course of Tysabri which was pulled from the market (after which I tried again when reintroduced and felt nothing), and my mobility is somewhat better from 4-AP. Other than that , I take Rituxan. FWIW, Most recently, I think dietary changes, something I’ve always felt was underappreciated by the MS world (think…cha-ching! less money), particularly those that include some fasting are the most exciting potential disease modifying (reversal??) strategies EVER! Great Article Thanks!!

  17. Kelly Fassino says:

    Is anyone trying stem cell therapy?! It looks promising to me. I know insurance won’t cover and big pharm can’t make money on it so we don’t hear much about it, but if you can afford it, I’d look into it.

    • lynn lichter says:

      Hello ~ I am 48 diagnosed with RRMS at 30 – started with betaseron, tysabri and now on gilenya. I have left drop foot been wearing AFO 6 years now & use cane, walker sometimes wheelchair for really long distance. I have always exercised started chair yoga about 8 years ago it has helped me so much mentally and physically. But i started backsliding & was really not doing well & researched the stem cell options. HCST is so aggressive, expensive & just didnt feel like that was right for me. Almost 6 months ago i had adipose stem cell treatment done insurance didn’t cover. It helped me immediately with brain fog, fatigue, endurance – it’s not a cure but it gave me a glimmer of hope and i do feel better overall. i stopped taking ampyra that i was on for 5 years. i don’t believe this is a long term treatment but for me it was a pick me up i desperatly needed. i might have MS but MS does not have me ~ never giving up !

  18. Brian says:

    Hi I’m Brian and I have ms sounds a bit like an aa meeting.???? I was diagnosed 9 years ago I’m now 38 does anyone know of any trials in the uk that are taking on people for stem cell research at the moment please or the one that regenerates the myelin like the one used on the mouse

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Brian… thank you for your comment and question. Have you signed up for the trial notification service we have here at MSNewsToday? It is on this page and is a valuable service for people like you who are wondering about trials in their area. Have you also asked your doctor, or neuro, for info on the trial you are talking about?

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