Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) Emphasizes the Role of Physicians in MS Medical Treatment Decisions

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The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), an organization for researchers and healthcare professionals committed to multiple sclerosis (MS) care and treatment, has recently issued a position statement claiming that prescribers should have the right to make clinical decisions on the best treatments and medications in each individual MS case.

According to a press release, the position statement CMSC emphasizes that, “During the past two decades, the spectrum of multiple sclerosis (MS) has been altered based on the availability of effective disease modifying agents; however, symptomatic management always has been and continues to be the bedrock of patient care in MS as symptoms impact quality of life for patients. The leadership of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) has stated that prescribers must retain the right to decide on the best treatment for each individual patient.”

The Consortium believes that the physician, prescriber and healthcare professional should be the ones deciding the best treatment regimen for each individual patient based on the best medical practices for symptomatic management and the available MS therapies.

“Efforts by physicians and other prescribers to discuss and appeal coverage decisions have been thwarted by the lack of peer support at insurance companies with whom to discuss treatment needs. Lack of understanding of the disease course and the challenges of MS treatment result in poor decision making practices by the insurance plans and specialty pharmacies and subsequent denial of prescribed medications. This leads to an inability to adequately serve the people living with MS, negatively affecting the patient’s quality of life,” stated the CMSC.

As an alternative to the current situation where critical medical decisions are sometimes made by insurance companies, “CMSC proposes a collaborative care model in which providers, patients, and insurers work together to address these concerns. The CMSC would be honored to work closely with all entities providing reimbursement and coverage for MS care and related services to provide our knowledge and expertise to enhance appropriate as well as cost-effective decision-making in MS.”

“We look forward to working with everyone involved in providing and prescribing MS care and treatment thus ensuring the most positive outcome for each MS patient,” concluded the CEO of CMSC, June Halper.

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