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Anti-LINGO-1: All You Need to Know



Recently, Biogen released results from its Phase 2 acute optic neuritis (AON) RENEW trial which tested Anti-LINGO-1. Learn more about this results here.

So what is Anti-LINGO-1?

According to the MS Society, Anti-LINGO-1 (also known as BIIB033) is a treatment in development by the pharmaceutical company Biogen which is currently being tested in people with optic neuritis, relapsing-remitting MS, and secondary progressive MS.

LINGO is a protein found in nerve cells and myelin-making cells called oligodendrocytes. Blocking the activity of this protein with an antibody called anti-LINGO-1 has been shown to result in myelin repair in animal models of MS.

Anti-LINGO-1 it’s taken as an intravenous infusion.

Read the Anti-LINGO-1 latest news here:


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