31 Days of MS: Only you know how you truly feel

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Chloe Murphy fought for years to understand the cause of her physical and mental struggles. (Courtesy of Chloe Murphy)

Day 15 of 31

This is Chloe Murphy‘s story:

I am 27, from Cork, Ireland. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in April 2021, but truly believe I had this illness for much longer than my official MS diagnosis.

My fight for answers started four years ago, when I was constantly ill. I’ve always struggled with my mental health, even from a young age, but it began to worsen. In addition, I started to become quite run down and excessively tired; I had skin infections, rashes, gained weight, and struggled with concentrating and processing my thoughts. I went to different doctors on an almost weekly basis, but all I was told was that I “needed to rest.” I knew, deep down, there was more to it than that.

Next came double vision, a tingling in my legs, an inability to stay awake, and hearing loss in one ear. I went to the hospital, but again no one heard me. Two weeks later, I woke up to complete numbness in the lower half of my body, unable to walk without assistance. This finally led to me being heard, getting the diagnosis I was fighting for. I am lucky that my hearing, vision, and feeling in my lower half have returned.

Learning I had multiple sclerosis was devastating. I was angry, but I was also relieved to know what was wrong and proud of myself for standing up for my health. I did as much research as possible, set up an Instagram page to raise awareness, and started speaking to the amazing MS community. I am still learning to this day. I have given myself the tools to continue fighting for my health and my MS journey. My MS can be quite aggressive, but I will fight for what I believe in, even choosing my own disease-modifying treatment against doctors’ advice. The result: no new activity.

I will do everything I can to raise MS awareness and advocate for those fighting for their health. Listen to and trust your body. To anyone feeling unheard — do not take no for an answer. No one knows your mind and body like you do!

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