‘A Campbell Never Quits’ podcast coming in March for MS awareness

A onetime football player, Tyler Campbell focuses on advocating for equal care

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A new podcast series called “A Campbell Never Quits” is telling the life story of Tyler Campbell, a patient advocate who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) during his junior year at college.

“The podcast aims to appeal to sports fans, people living with MS, and anyone who appreciates a good love story; however, any podcast fan can enjoy it as we hope to bring awareness to the disease,” the show’s creators said in a press release.

“Tyler’s story humanizes and brings awareness to the struggles of MS patients nationwide,” Dominique LaVigne, a producer on the podcast, wrote in an email to Multiple Sclerosis News Today.

Tyler Campbell is the son of Pro Football Hall of Fame player Earl Campbell. He originally planned to follow in his father’s footsteps and play football professionally, but his plans were derailed by his diagnosis.

Now, Tyler Campbell is a patient advocate, helping to raise awareness about the disease and advocating for equal care for all people with the neurodegenerative disease. As part of those efforts, he was recently featured in a documentary about the unique challenges Black people face after an MS diagnosis.

“With Tyler’s story he makes you realize that MS isn’t the end. It’s challenging, but there’s still so much life after a diagnosis,” LaVigne said. “I hope people hear that and feel that while listening to his story because it’s been a beautiful experience for me.”

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He launched the initiative Educate. Elevate. Collaborate. in 2021 to increase MS education, awareness, and engagement in minority communities. He also serves as an ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and gives talks to inspire others with the disease to take action and advocate for their care.

The five-part series is being released weekly throughout March as part of MS awareness month. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and can be heard on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The first episode focuses on Campbell’s childhood, how he started playing football, and how he almost lost all his scholarship opportunities after being caught drinking at his high school. The second episode explores his time playing football in college.

The third episode, titled “Never Quit Fighting,” dropped this week for MS awareness week. It focuses on Campbell’s diagnosis toward the end of his college career.

“This episode release is timely because this week works to bring awareness to the disease, and this episode takes a closer look at Tyler Campbell’s MS diagnosis and how it, ultimately, changed his life,” said LaVigne said, who became familiar with MS after an aunt was diagnosed with the neurological condition. She said telling Tyler’s story is a personal mission.

“Before [my aunt] was diagnosed, I didn’t know what the disease was and I’m sure many family and friends of patients with MS share that similar experience. I hope people hear Tyler’s story and take the time to understand how this disease impacts lives,” she said.

LaVigne started working on the podcast, alongside co-creators Clark Dalton and Blaine Young, more than two years ago during the pandemic. At the time, the three creators were college students at the University of Texas.

“Working on this project in the middle of the pandemic posed some challenges, but it was worth it to see the final product. It’s worth it every time,” she said. “We really hope people are inspired by Tyler’s story to pursue their dreams in spite of the challenges. We know we have been inspired by him.”