ACROBiosystems joins Diagnostic Biochips for neuroscience research

Companies will collaborate to develop new electrophysiology solutions

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Aneuro, a brand of the biotechnology company ACROBiosystems, is partnering with the biosensor maker Diagnostic Biochips to help bring to market new approaches to treating disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Specifically, the companies are collaborating to launch electrophysiology solutions that can be used in living animals to better understand the brain’s neural connections at the cell level and across multiple brain regions. This may help researchers identify connections that are faulty in certain neurological conditions, opening up avenues to new treatments.

“Electrophysiology is a critical part of neuroscience research, especially when attempting to elucidate the neural network,” ACROBiosystems explained in a press release. “Monitoring the brain’s field potential and electrical signals at the neuron-level across different brain regions can provide critical information in elucidating neural network function and the biological pathway behind neurological disease pathology.”

Electrophysiology in animals can be challenging, however, due to the inherently complex brain network, which makes data acquisition difficult.

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Also, the probes commonly used to monitor electric signals pose a high burden to animals as they often require a head stage — the primary hub that connects electronic equipment to the brain.

To offset these hurdles, neural probes developed by Diagnostic Biochips are crafted to work without a head stage, mitigating the burden on the animals without sacrificing signal channels. Deep-array electrodes with a 90 mm recording depth of more than 128 channels are also available. The probes are designed to enable groundbreaking study in electrophysiology, and provided cloud-based software permits spike sorting and analysis anywhere at any time.

“As a complement to the probes, data acquisition systems along with AI/Cloud-based data analysis software are available to drive structural and functional analysis of neural circuits, electrophysiological biomarker discovery and drug screening,” ACROBiosystems explains.

Through the partnership, researchers who are new to neuroscience treatment development will have access to beginner’s guides and training to get their experiments off the ground.

Under Aneuro, electrophysiology studies are conducted alongside experiments that involve tau, pre-formed fibrils, and other protein antigens associated with neurological conditions such as MS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and brain tumors.