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Faith of the Mustard Seed

There are some pretty humorous things that can happen to me because I have multiple sclerosis (MS). Believe me, I understand living with MS and how difficult it can be to find the humor in anything about MS most days! But then, other times I can see the comical, chaotic side of what my MS symptoms can bring. When those moments happen, the popular phrase, “Oh, no, you didn’t!” pops into my head. It is those random, tickle-my-funny-bone times that make up my column today.

Perils of the pedicure

Spasticity and beautifying my feet are not a good mix. Fortunately, I have not kicked a pedicurist in the head — yet. But it could happen. It appears sometimes the mere touching of my toes can send my leg into spasm. The flexing of my uncontrollable foot can make even the most professional pedicurist throw up her hands!

But after regaining her composure, her chuckle and smile seem to say “it’s OK.” She then continues on, only to have to deal with the jumping foot all over again when the dry buffing pad is used!

I admit it takes all of the willpower I can muster to try and steady my foot for the dreaded “painting of the toes.” Her patience and our laughter while she repaints a few toes here and there makes me feel better about it all. I don’t get pedicures very often, but I know that when I do, it will be entertaining!

More spasticity

Another memorable moment dealing with spasticity came with the common movement of getting out of my car.

I turned and lifted my leg outward, my leg spasmed, flexed out straight, and my foot stuck up under the opened car door! I am not going to lie, it was shocking and very painful. Yet I could not stop laughing! It was so random and ridiculous, I couldn’t believe it was happening! My husband helped relax my leg and release it from the door, then we were on our way.


Another thing that always hits me as funny is how some people react when they are behind me in my wheelchair. It seems they can’t wait to pass me, even before they know how fast I am going. What is humorous to me is the lengths they will go to get around me. They will jump over boxes in a store, push other people out of the way, or cut right in front of me. It’s not like I am a “slow moving object,” either — I can go pretty fast when I want to! It leaves me feeling like this fast-paced world we live in leaves little time for patience.

I feel it is important to find the humor in everyday occurrences. Especially in things (such as MS and its symptoms) that could otherwise bring me down. It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine, and I for one believe that.


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My family always finds my MS hilarious. It has taught me to laugh at myself and enjoy the humor in the situation. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

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Debi Wilson

So true Eli! Thanks for your comment! Keep smiling! Debi

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Thanks Debi for more reasons to laugh at my next pedicure! I will look again for Faith of the Mustard Seed and your inspiration.

Debi Wilson avatar

Debi Wilson

Thank-you Jean!:)

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Shelley krieger

After Thanksgiving dinner I was using my walker ,the girls ,in their twenties,were doing the dishes, I took a step and the walker kept rolling but my feet wouldn't move. I simply said "going down " the girls turned and saw be slowly falling down. One grabbed me the other stopped the walker from rolling. Once upright again both the girls and I started laughing ? the girls had tears of laughter uncomfortable. You just gotta laugh and enjoy the moment

Debi Wilson avatar

Debi Wilson

I love how you said "going down" as you were falling! ? This made me laugh as I could visualize what was happening and I could relate! Thank-you for sharing and for the laugh Shelley! Debi

Karen McRae avatar

Karen McRae

Going down! Now that is a phrase I need when I try to explain how I feel as I watch myself in slow motion every time I fall! I am go-i-n-g d-o-o-o-o-o-w-n!!


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