Cannabis Science Seeking Feedback on Its New Medical Cannabis Website

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by Patricia Silva, PhD |

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iCannabinoid website

Cannabis Science has created a website called iCannabinoid that it hopes will become the premier online source of medical cannabis news and information.

It is seeking feedback on the site so it can tweak it as need be. It hopes to hear from  patients, doctors, patient advocates, parents, researchers, government and industry officials, journalists and others who are interested in medical cannabis.

There is a growing interest in medicinal cannabis as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

Site visitors will find information about different cannabis strains and the science behind medical cannabis products. They will also learn which health conditions it can address.

Another feature is local, state, national, and international laws on medical cannabis, including a state-by-state rundown. Visitors can also find scientific studies on medical cannabis.

Two innovative features are My Health Modules and the iCannabinoid Ambassador Program, according to a press release.

Visitors can use the My Health Modules to keep track of their medical records, set health goals, and stay on top of other health-related information. The feature will let them create medication lists, monitor dosage results, and keep track of their heart condition, blood pressure, sleep patterns, pain levels and other measures.

Site visitors will be able to keep their health goals and milestones to themselves or share them. This feature will allow them to discuss their medical cannabis treatments and results in chat rooms, blogs and other online platforms. Users can also create discussion groups to connect people of similar interests.

In the future, Cannabis Science hopes to add features that allow patients to schedule consultations with doctors and sign up for clinical trials of cannabinoid therapies.

Medical professionals can use the platform to connect with patients and other professionals. Medical cannabinoid advocates can use it to demonstrate their support for legislation that legalizes medical cannabis.

Cannabis Science will start an iCannabinoid Ambassador Program in conjunction with the site. Ambassadors will be local, regional, national and international thought leaders on medical cannabis.

One role they will play is volunteering to help ensure the continuous improvement of the site. They will also help organize events and groups.

Those interested in becoming an ambassador must submit a resume, go through an interview, and be willing to have a background check.

Ambassadors will receive training so they can answer site visitors’ questions.

iCannabinoid users can create events or join others, like the 2018 Cannabis Science Gala Event that will raise awareness and funds for medical cannabis research.