Is CBD Becoming Accepted as a Useful Product by the Mainstream?

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by Laura Kolaczkowski |

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You know that the use of marijuana as a medicine and its derivative cannabidiol (CBD) is close to being widely accepted as a useful natural product when articles about its pain-relieving properties appear in Consumer Reports. Yes, I’m referring to the nonprofit magazine that provides unbiased ratings on products from cars to washing machines. I was pleasantly surprised when having received the October 2018 issue of the magazine, I found an article in it about CBD titled, “New Hope for Pain Relief?”. The comprehensive piece examined the legality of the substance and its effectiveness as a treatment for pain.

The article focused solely on the legal CBD variations; there were no ratings for medical marijuana strains or various CBD brands. It listed oils, pills, balms, and food products infused with CBD. It advised that consumers should look for products that specifically list “CBD” in the ingredients and not just “cannabinoids,” which can include other byproducts of the hemp plant.

There is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of CBD for pain relief, but studies have found it to be a low-risk treatment. Scientists blame the dearth of research on CBD and cannabinoids in general on its illegal status under federal law, according to the article. It also cites some studies that found that cannabis is beneficial for pain, nausea due to chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis (MS) spasticity.

I also found another useful article on the Consumer Reports website, “How to Shop for CBD.”

Recently I traveled to San Francisco and a friend helped me to find a marijuana dispensary. I had hoped to find special pain relief for a family friend, a young woman fighting end-stage cancer. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was surprised at the level of professionalism and security at the store. They don’t let just anyone inside — you have to produce a state-issued identification, such as a driver’s license, to prove your identity. Underage sales are prohibited unless the person has a medical marijuana prescription.

Want to learn more about the latest research in MS? Ask your questions in our research forum.

I made my first legal cannabinoid purchase. The clerk didn’t rush me, although there was a line of customers. The salesperson carefully listened to me describe what I was looking for, then made recommendations. My purchases added up to over $200. I wasn’t buying much: a package of 10 gummy edibles, a dozen cookies laced with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC (the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana), and a vial of high-potency tincture. I had no reference point to know if the items were fairly priced. But I wondered how anyone who uses these products regularly could afford them. But then again people who don’t have adequate health insurance to help with prescription medication costs also face the same affordability dilemma.

Questions about access to medical marijuana and the appropriate cannabinoid products to use for our symptoms is a frequent discussion topic in MS online communities. The high prices I witnessed while shopping in San Francisco drove home the importance of knowing the quality of what you are buying.

Meanwhile, the trend toward acceptance of CBD continues to strengthen. I read in a recent news report that Martha Stewart is involved with rapper Snoop Dogg in a CBD product range for pets through a Canadian company. If this influential businesswoman helps to bring more awareness to CBD, it might be a good thing.


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April Honeycutt

I was grateful to find a CBD company that gives discounts to the military and people on disability. Before that I paying way to much for these products. I know eventually one day the prices will have to go down due to so many companies selling the products. #thankyouLazarus

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Maria Bucci

I have had MS since approximately 1984, though like many others, I did not get my final diagnosis until after my second full diagnostic work up aka my second MS exacerbation in my first neurologist's care in 1992. I was dx'd with RRMS and had a large grab bag of symptoms and attacks pretty regularly. Every 18 months .. Bam! I was in the first beta test group on Beta-Seron. I took it for about a year and a half and had to quit due to side effects. My body hates interferons so Avonex was not an option. I moved on to Copaxone and was on it twice with about a 2 year break in the middle. After I lost a chunk of fatty tissue, leaving a big bite out of my arm, I quit. I was just graduating from Relapsing to Progressive anyway.
I was on a lot of medication to manage my MS. a LOT. When I heard about CBD oil and high CBD weed I was willing to try it. I am so grateful that I did. Even though I had given up caffeine, smoking, alcohol, red meat and started eating all vegetarian and organic I was still conscious of my MonSter far too much and it was making my quality of life lacking take on a very 'Sans Quality' quality.
I tried my first CBD oil on a cookie. My body went through a transition and transformation. I no longer need canes, crutches, walker. I have gone from bifocals to single vision lenses for driving and I don't even need them for reading anymore unless I'm really, really tired. I sleep better. The exercise I am able to do now is Leslie Sansone's 3 mile cardio walk out aerobics when all I could do before on a very good day was Sit and Be Fit and things like that. I wasn't even able to do the Yoga For MS workout that the NMSS sent us .. no balance.
Right now the only medications I am on are one medication If I need it for for bad breakthrough pain (migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, arthritis). A PRN med. I am totally chemical free most of the time and it is Amazing!My health has gotten better. I forget I have that darned dis-ease. I am so grateful. I believe CBD oil and Reiki and a Positive Mental Attitude are all we need to beat this thing. Thank you so much for publishing this article and sharing this priceless information. Granted, it may not work for everyone, but when it works it works!
The only negative effect I have experienced with this is extreme dry mouth so it is good to have some Biotin .. talk to your dentist, if you can. Some days it can get pretty miserable so make sure you drink plenty of water, sugarless gum helps. Good Luck, Everyone!

Tom avatar


Which cannabis product helped you the most? How often did you dose?

Helen Peake avatar

Helen Peake

Dragonfly cbd oil. The strongest

Deena avatar


Which CBD product do you use?

Pam avatar


I have progressive ms, just turned 70 and fatigue is my biggest problem, I walk with cane, no pain.

How much should I take?

Nancy Grindstaff avatar

Nancy Grindstaff

Please tell me which CBD oil you buy. And, method of dosing and dosage amount.

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Blake Wilcox

Dosage varies from person to person but my friend has CLL (leukemia). This is measured by the doctors taking his white blood cell count. A healthy person ranges a count of <5000. His has reached 57,000. And the doctor has a patient that is at 80,000. So basically he was just waiting for it to get so high the get sick of some other minor disease which would eventually kill him. He has taken 10 to 15 drops underneath his tongue a day. This was three or four months ago. His 6 month appt. Was two days ago and guess what, his count actually dropped to 47,000. The product is called NuLeaf Naturals out of denver, co and is a cbd oil that is a 4850mg. 3.8L bottle


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