31 Days of MS: Taking Care of Myself Means Saying No Sometimes

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Holly Stevens

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Day 20 of 31

This is Holly Stevens’ (@buckie_mom) story:

My MS was diagnosed in November 2006, back in my native California, after I experienced numbness and tingling on the left side of my body following a 5K run that April. I spoke to a nurse on a helpline about the way the left side of my face felt numb and droopy. She advised me to hang up and call 911. (She thought I might have been having a stroke.)

The emergency room ruled out heart attack and stroke, sending me to my primary care doctor the next work day. My primary care doctor, whom I saw on a Monday morning, figured I might have MS. I was referred to a top-notch neurologist in the area.

My specialty doctor put me through every medical test possible to rule everything else out. A spinal tap (lumbar puncture) compared against my blood proteins locked in the MS diagnosis. I started my disease modifying therapy shortly thereafter. Next month, I will be in my 14th MS year.

I am a degreed writer who worked as a journalist, editor, advertising copywriter, manager, trainer, on-site reporter, guest writer, public relations scribe, on-hold scriptwriter, proposal writer, photographer, and freelancer for more than 27 years. I can no longer work in my field as I am unable to proofread, edit, question, report, or write. Today, I can’t work more than nine hours a week due to fatigue, strength loss, and cognitive fog.

I delivered pizzas until recently, when COVID-19 work stressors left me almost catatonic.

Today, I am part of several Facebook MS groups, from which I have developed good friends over the past five years. I attended sponsored MS events before the pandemic shut them down. I do hope they start up again. I like to compare experiences with attendees, drug reps, and speakers. It makes me feel less alone.

It’s important to be my own MS advocate now, and I have learned to say “No” a lot more to physically and mentally taxing work requests. I’m not sure what the future will bring as I age, but I feel pretty strong, provided I don’t wear myself down.

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