Clinical Professor Holds Lecture On Using Paleo Diet To Control MS

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paleo diet and ms

paleo diet and msAccording to a recent article by Beth Roessner at the Desert Sun, some Multiple Sclerosis patients are beginning to utilize healthier diets and eating habits to complement conventional treatments for their disease — an approach that even some researchers are beginning to study. Erin Davis, a 40 year-old woman, was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis two years ago after nearly a decade of struggling with the symptoms of this rare form of the degenerative disorder. In spite of the bad news, Davis was determined not to let her condition dictate her quality of life, and resorted to natural methods to keep symptoms at bay.

Davis turned to vitamin supplements, a regular exercise regimen and a grain-, bean-, and dairy-free diet, called Paleo — recommended by Dr. Terry Wahls, a a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Ever since Davis committed to these positive lifestyle changes, her MS symptoms have been under control for more than a year.

Dr. Wahls has made proper nutrition a focus of her research, which only recently managed to establish a relationship between multiple sclerosis and one’s diet. Dr. Wahls also has MS, and self-experimented on a positive diet modification in order to improve her condition’s prognosis. Through the Paleo diet, she is able to enjoy an active lifestyle, and pursue research that could educate and help others.

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On Monday, May 19, 2014, Dr. Wahls held a lecture about her research, namely, the relationship between MS and various autoimmune conditions.