Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups

Sometimes people with multiple sclerosis (MS) can feel like they’re all alone. A resource that helps is multiple sclerosis support groups that allow those with the condition to share their experiences with each other. Most organizations that provide information about MS, including treatment strategies, also have support groups.

Sharing stories, feelings and experiences with others who have MS can help address that feeling of isolation. It can be therapeutic as well: It can help you get help you need, and give you a chance to help others. Support groups can also provide you with valuable information you didn’t get elsewhere.

Multiple sclerosis, which involves the immune system attacking the fatty myelin coating that insulates nerve cells, generates symptoms such as muscle control problems, spasticity, fatigue and depression. They can worsen over time, increasing the physical, emotional and financial challenges that people with MS and their families face.

In addition to support groups, which in the broadest sense are self-help efforts, many MS organizations provide support services. They include educational resources and assistance helping those with MS adapt their lifestyle to their condition.

To find a multiple sclerosis support group, please click on the links below.

National MS Society

The National MS Society has programs that connect people with common experiences. Some are groups that meet in person. Others are online groups or one-on-one connections by telephone or email.

The is a social networking and online community for those with MS, their family members and experts. MSconnection has a lot of social groups. They bring together people based on symptoms, treatments, geography, interests or other factors.

The National MS Society can also connect you with a local support group where people with the same interests, challenges and hopes can interact. The groups focus on a range of topics, including advocacy, support, education, and social media interaction.

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)

The MSAA offers services and group support for people with MS, their families and care partners.

toll-free helpline & chat service allows those involved in MS to speak with specialists who can point them toward couseling or social services. The My MSAA Community Online Forum is a place where people with MS, their family members and care partners can share information and experiences.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

In the MS community, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is known as MS Focus. It can help you find or start a support group in your community. The Independent Support Group Network not only tells you how to start a group, but provides you with training, materials for meetings, and resources that will help you recruit members. You can obtain the support whether you have MS, are a family member, a caregiver, or play another role in the MS community.

Accelerated Cure Project for MS (ACP)

The ACP is a patient-founded national non-profit organization whose main aim is to accelerate research to find a cure for MS. It has an online community – the Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Forum – to connect, educate and challenge researchers. The site focuses on what is known and not yet known about the causes, development mechanisms and treatments for MS.

Clearinghouse on Disability Information 

This government office provides information to those with disabilities and anyone else requesting it. Many of the questions it answers deal with federal programs available to the disabled, including funding. 

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