Shepherd Center, BurnAlong Open Global Online Rehab Classes for MS

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by Patricia Inacio, PhD |

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BurnAlong and the Shepherd Center, a leading rehabilitation hospital in the U.S., have established a partnership to bring tailored rehabilitation classes to people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neuromuscular diseases worldwide.

The video classes, designed by clinicians, therapists, and wellness professionals at the Shepherd Center, based in Atlanta, will be uploaded to BurnAlong’s health platform. They are meant for patients with neurological conditions treated at the Shepherd Center, as well as their families and users of BurnAlong, a platform for online wellness and health programs.

The approach represents a form of continued care, where patients can undergo a tailored, at-home rehabilitation program after a hospital discharge. Participants can take classes on their own or in live sessions with other people.

Anyone using BurnAlong’s platform anywhere in the world can access the classes, the groups state in a press release.

“One way we provide support to patients is through specialty classes that will aid in rehabilitation once a patient, and their family, have returned home. Our partnership with BurnAlong will extend Shepherd’s expertise to support the independence and wellness of people with injuries and disabilities across the globe,” said Deborah Backus, PT, PhD, the director of Multiple Sclerosis Research at the Shepherd Center.

Shepard and BurnAlong will also work together on clinical studies to evaluate how well this service benefits patients and their outcomes.

Established in 1975, the Shepherd Center is a non-profit hospital specializing in research and rehabilitation for people with MS and other neuromuscular conditions, including spinal cord injury, brain injury, and chronic pain.

“At Shepherd Center, part of our mission is to conduct research and develop innovative solutions and treatments to help people with a temporary or permanent disability caused by injury or disease,” Backus said.

BurnAlong though its an online platform offers live and on-demand classes covering areas such as basic fitness, nutrition, and financial wellness, as well as adaptive workouts and those for chronic conditions. Over 1,000 instructors are involved in these classes.

“BurnAlong is committed to offering programming that is diverse and accessible regardless of ability, race, chronic condition, locality, age, family status and gender,” said Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of BurnAlong.

“Moreover, we are committed to supporting whole families so that wellness journeys can be experienced by everyone in the home, together on one platform,” he added. “Our partnership with Shepherd Center will open up a whole new category of specialized classes to BurnAlong customers and people globally so that we can support the wellness of people with spinal cord injuries and neuromuscular disorders.”