How I keep moving forward after a diagnosis of MS

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Five photos showing individuals with multiple sclerosis, who are sharing their real-life stories during MS Awareness Month, are hung with clips on a string above the words 'MS Community Spotlight.'
A man with a shaved head and a gray T-shirt stands in a driveway, with tall trees visible in the background, on the other side of a quiet road.

Alex Ramirez stands outside of his home. (Photos courtesy of Alex Ramirez)

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This is Alex Ramirez’s story:

In January 2018, I started to feel terrible in a way I can’t put into words. I went to the hospital, and after multiple MRIs, I was prescribed steroids for five days. This had a profound impact on me and made me feel functional again. Eventually, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

A man with a shaved head and dressed in a black shirt and blue shorts picks a yellow piece of fruit from a tree in the backyard of a home.

Alex Ramirez picks fruit from a tree in his backyard.

After my steroid infusions, the doctor recommended I see a neurologist who specializes in MS. This neurologist was amazing and helped me during this stage of my MS journey. Her wisdom and empathy helped me keep going when I wanted to give up.

Now, six years later, I’m in a much better place. I’ve never been a quitter, and I’m glad I didn’t give up back then. I have a better attitude toward my disease, and my faith has been an instrumental part in transforming my approach to living with MS. I also go to the gym three days a week.

Nowadays, I’m waiting for what’s next. What that is I’m not entirely sure, but I’m trying to live in and embrace each moment. I spend time on social media and playing games on my phone or iPad. These things helped me when I underwent my last two back surgeries and distracted me from the pain. They’ve also helped me connect with others in the MS community.

My mindset now is that none of this will stop me and I will always do what I have to do in order for me to keep going. Most people around me don’t understand what I go through daily. That’s life with MS, but to pursue the life I want for myself, I have to work for it.

So, whatever life brings me, I’m ready to see where it takes me. I’ll always keep moving forward.

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