31 Days of MS: I Threw Away Fear and Began Following My Dreams

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Cassidy Krygger

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Day 9 of 31

This is Cassidy Krygger’s (@cassidykrygger) story:

I remember the day of my first MS symptom, more than three years ago, as clearly as if it were happening now. It was October 2018, and I realized that every time I moved my left eye, it hurt. It was odd, but I thought nothing of it, until I told my mum a few days later and she urged me to go to the doctor. I laughed it off but went anyway, expecting the doctors to make light of it, too. But they didn’t. I was sent straight to the emergency room and put in an MRI machine. A few days later, I had an MS diagnosis.

MS? No one in my family had MS. I didn’t even know what MS was, except for what I saw on television — which was disability and wheelchairs. I was only 23. How could this be?

In the first few weeks after my diagnosis, I felt like I was living in a nightmare. I was terrified. And I really felt sorry for myself. My neurologist promised I only had a light form of MS: relapsing and remitting. And that with the right medication, it wouldn’t progress further.

As the weeks faded into months, the shock of my diagnosis began to lift. But as I adjusted to my new way of living, I began to find myself. The real me. Because all of a sudden, life became extremely precious. I realized life is meant to be lived to the fullest. So I threw away the fear and began to follow my dreams.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve started my filmmaking career. I wrote, produced, and starred in my first short film, “Enigma,” which is about to hit the International Film Festival circuit. I know I would not have had the courage to do this without the life-changing diagnosis that is MS.

And on the health front? I’m doing pretty well. I don’t have many symptoms, and I live a relatively normal and healthy life.

So my friends, throw away the fear and live life to the fullest. Either with or without an MS diagnosis.

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