31 Days of MS: I Do My Best to Be Strong

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Pamela Neckameyer

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Day 16 of 31

This is Pamela Neckameyer’s story:

My symptoms started in 2004. I would trip and fall for no reason. My mind would say “walk” but my legs wouldn’t move for a few seconds. I went to a neurologist who tested my blood to rule out other diseases. Every test came back non-conclusive. Finally, after seeing numerous neurologists, I was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

I try really hard to accept my MS disability and not complain, and I do my very best to not bring other people down by my situation. I live as normally as I can, joining in with my friends and family by participating in celebrations, outings, and events. When necessary, I am supportive to all who are sick or going through a crisis. But I’m not like others. I can’t dress and shower without help, or drive anymore. I’m unable to shop, cook, go on walks, and do so many things that I used to on my own.

Intellectually, I know there are many more serious illnesses than MS and I feel grateful that it is not life-threatening, but it can be frustrating. I used to run a business, entertain, travel on my own, and do so many everyday activities that I took for granted.

Forgive me if you think I’m complaining. I’m not. I’m just explaining. I don’t feel sorry for myself and don’t want others to feel sorry for me.

Sometimes, though, I just have to explain what it is like to have a chronic autoimmune illness like MS. Being so dependent can play with one’s psyche, but I endeavor to stay strong, going to physical therapy and doing what my doctors advise.

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