31 Days of MS: Why I decided to pursue alternative MS treatments

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Nassira and her husband, Dwayne Howse. (Photo courtesy of Nassira Powell)

Day 14 of 31

This is Nassira Powell’s story:

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018. Like many, I knew nothing about the disease and was left with many questions.

My first appointment with a neurologist at the MS clinic consisted of a long conversation about the unknown aspects of the disease. The recommendation was clear. I should go on a disease-modifying therapy (DMT) as soon as possible to lower my risk of a future relapse.

There was a lot to take in. I knew I wasn’t ready to make any decisions. I needed time.

I left the hospital confused, but I knew I had to research the disease and how others managed it. I have always been open to taking a natural and spiritual approach to my health, so I wanted to consider this route if it was an option.

I began researching and found Dr. Terry Wahls, who developed the Wahls Protocol, and actor Matt Embry, who founded MS Hope. Embry’s 2017 documentary “Living Proof” was a game changer for me. I was excited to discover that there was an alternative option to DMTs.

Please remember that there are excellent MS medications that have improved people’s lives. I am not against them, but I knew I wanted to try alternative self-care before I said yes to a DMT.

I began changing my lifestyle, which included going gluten- and dairy-free and increasing my daily vegetable intake. I also started taking supplements that my naturopath recommended. Vitamin D was at the top of the list, and five years later, my vitamin D level is finally in a good spot. I am very fortunate that in five years of managing my MS naturally, I have only had one flare-up.

I know the alternative approach isn’t suitable for everyone. Each of us is on a unique journey with MS. The one piece of advice I will give anyone just starting their MS journey or looking to try an alternative approach is to spend time researching the topic. Don’t feel pressured to make decisions or fear changing your mind. Believe in yourself to make the right choice for you.

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