31 Days of MS: MS and Pole-dancing

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31 Days of MS

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Photos courtesy of Hayley Crowther

Day 1 of 31

This is Hayley Crowther’s story:

When I look back at the year I got sick, I’d just celebrated my 30th birthday. I was living with my husband and 7-year-old son, had a job I loved and, just four weeks prior to my first relapse, competed as a finalist in a national pole dancing competition. Ironically, I danced to “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. I danced my heart out with no idea what battle was around the corner.

I woke up, and my vision had shifted 6 inches to the left. The keys on my phone weren’t where they were supposed to be and I was walking into things. People were laughing at me as I told them I was sure I’d had a stroke.

The GP gave me a diagnosis of vertigo, and I tried to relearn all these things I was struggling with. My left side was overcompensating with everything, and I was drowning myself in Ribena each time I had a drink!

I went to A&E and the doctor agreed something was off. I had an MR, which was suggestive of multiple sclerosis, had another relapse, and suffered from Lhermitte’s sign. After four months, I was not surprised to hear I had MS.

By this point, MS had been on my radar for a while. I spent a lot of time on forums and on Dr. Google.

As much as I would love not to have MS, it’s a strange coincidence that one of my best friends also has MS and was diagnosed a few years prior. We are each other’s support networks. When it came to treatment options, I copied Laura and started Tysabri straight away. I’ve been on it since with no major relapses!

The past five years haven’t been what I expected, but I’ve just done my best. That includes a promotion at work, a new forever home, and a bunch of new MS friends. I managed to keep dancing (with some adaptations and tears) — and I performed for a packed club five months after I was diagnosed —this time to Beyonce’s “Diva,” which is probably how most would describe me!

You can still live a full life with MS, just with some compromise!

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