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Elissa is a holistic Health Coach and founder of Health/E, LLC. She works with individuals to help them find energy, strength and balance through nutrition, exercise and self-care. Elissa gives workshops throughout the NY area, and runs support groups for the National MS Society, in addition to working one-on-one with clients.

Articles by Elissa Holzman

People With MS: Here Comes the Sun!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m glad to be done with cold and dreary weather. Bring on the sunshine! But my excitement is tempered a bit because, like many people with MS, I find the heat exhausting; it saps my energy and makes it even harder…

The YOU Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

There are lots of so-called “MS diets” out there, each one claiming to ease the difficulties of living with MS. This, despite the fact that neurologists don’t often address nutrition when discussing disease management with their patients. Why is diet so rarely discussed by medical practitioners? And why hasn’t there…

My Top 5 Multiple Sclerosis Food Hacks

I just picked up a T-shirt that says, “Eat Well and Travel Often.” It was obviously made just for me. Traveling to new places and seeing new things is something I enjoy tremendously. And enjoying delicious meals makes me feel pampered and cared for. But since I can’t travel to…

MS Patients: Support Yourself

At various times during my life with MS, I’ve reached out for support from people with experience and knowledge about multiple sclerosis. Although sometimes I wanted to learn more about this unwanted illness that had burst into my life, I was also looking for people with MS to tell me…

Complementing Your MS Care

Although it was over a decade ago, I still vividly remember the first questions I asked my neurologist after learning I had Multiple Sclerosis, “What can I do? Should I change my diet? Exercise more? Or less?” My first instinct was to look for a holistic way to minimize my…

My MS Diagnosis (How I Got Here)

Elissa Holzman is an MS Health Coach who specializes in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for supporting those with the disease. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, which led her to pay closer attention to how she treats her body. In her new column for Multiple Sclerosis News…

Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You’re Newly Diagnosed

Illustration of doctor an patient talked
We consulted some of our community contributors at MS News Today and came up with 12 questions people should consider asking their doctors after an MS diagnosis.

Check it out by clicking here.

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