MS Patients: Support Yourself

MS Patients: Support Yourself

At various times during my life with MS, I’ve reached out for support from people with experience and knowledge about multiple sclerosis. Although sometimes I wanted to learn more about this unwanted illness that had burst into my life, I was also looking for people with MS to tell me – and show me – that I would be all right.

Initially I reached out to friends with relatives who had MS and were willing to talk with me. They took me under their wings and seemed to know what I needed to hear.

I attended a self-help group run by The National MS Society, and found more great support and information. I mostly remember the comforting feelings that I had at the meetings. For me, it was about being surrounded by people who were experiencing the same fears and worries that I was living with, and having others who had been living with MS talk with me.

Of course, at times it was upsetting. Anyone with a relatively “mild” case of MS will tell you that seeing others who are so much worse off is hard to see. To know that you share the same disease and that your future may include progression is obviously distressing. But the benefits outweighed my fears and I continued attending, growing stronger in the process.

These days I’m running my own support groups, Healthy Living with MS, for The National MS Society. Some attendants are new to life with MS, and others have been living with it for decades. But each meeting brings together people who support one another, helping us to get through the difficult times, and making us stronger in the process.

I hope you’ve set up a support network for yourself. Tell me about yours!


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