This page is under construction and will be updated with live clinical trial information soon.

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  1. Update on existing or new trial data.

    Also any research studies looking at long term disease data for example, MS patients (60+ years) who have had MS for over 35-40 years.

    Any Research data that shows what happens after or during their PPMS stage? Does their MS stabilize with no further activity (dormant)or does their MS become a black hole atrophy disease?

  2. Mrs Heather B A R Campbell says:

    I have secondary progressive ms. I was diagnosed 22 years ago. I would be very interested in any clinical trials.

  3. Jonathan Molineaux says:

    Hello my father is a 62 year old man with Parkinsons. My friend told me about this the other day. My dad said he would be very interested in participating in a trial study using the PoNs device. Please update me on any new trials.

  4. beth jasinski says:

    I am very interested in clinical trials that involve diet and alternative care for MS. I am a 36 year old woman that has decided to not go on any DMDs at this time.

  5. marilyn Kretzer says:

    I was diagnosed MS in 1980 and am now secondary progressive. I would be interested in Tamoxifen clinical trials.

  6. Christine Kennedy says:

    I have SPMS with EDSS 6.5 other than MS I’m in Good health. I’m interested in participating in aHSCT clinical trials

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