High dose biotin protocol – my nine month update!

High dose biotin protocol – my nine month update!

Faith of the Mustard Seed

Nine months ago I started the high dose biotin protocol. I did so in an effort to slow the progression of my primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

This is the link for my first article in August detailing the high dose biotin protocol and my results at that time.
When I wrote my article “Riding the High Dose Biotin Train for Progressive MS” I was experiencing severe headaches, they were starting to decrease with more water intake. Now after nine months on the protocol the headaches are completely gone!

My leg cramps and spasticity were severe and frequent, at the 5½ month mark there was a slight decrease in pain. At this point on the biotin the cramps and spasticity are still with me. They are a little less frequent and intense but, still very painful.

Before biotin I had a sharp pain running up and down my spine. When I wrote my last report my spinal pain was gone and I am happy to report it still is!

The previous heartburn I had reported with Biotin was actually due to a bone density pill I was taking, Fosamax, not the biotin as I suspected. When I discontinued Fosamax the heartburn went away.

With this nine month update I do not have any negative side effects to report. I do however have some positives!

I use a walker at home and for short distances, a wheelchair is used for longer trips.

My mode of transportation is still the same. One major change for me is I can stand without holding on to anything for a few minutes. Which I was unable to do before the protocol. Even my little grandsons noticed and said “Gee your standing.” I said “yes, I am!” It was a great feeling!

Another improvement is I am thinking a little clearer. I still have cognitive issues and my memory is terrible but, I notice I am not in such a fog as I was before.

Some minor improvements I have noticed over the last four months are. I walk a little better, I am not as wiped out after a shower like I was before, I am more positive, I hardly get depressed and I feel better overall!

I am very happy That I am trying the high dose biotin protocol. I am told that I should see even more positive results at the one year and one and a half year mark’s

I am feeling very blessed and hopeful this Christmas!
Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Debi! After I last exchanged comments with you, I joined those groups on Facebook, ordered the high dose biotin more affordably, and my husband is making some ever so slight improvements with his PPMS at the end of 90 days.
    Thank you so much for writing and supporting others. Keep improving and have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

    • Debi Wilson says:

      Hi Ellen!
      I am so happy to hear that your husband is having some improvement, that is great news!
      Thank-you so much for all of your kind comments! They mean a lot to me!
      I wish you and your husband a very happy and healthy new year also! Debi

  2. Angie Lewis says:

    What dose of Biotin are you taking? I didn’t qualify for a Biotin clinical trial due to the fact that my disease hasn’t declined in two years. I was told I could still take Biotin though. I take 5000 IU per day.

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