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6 Tips to Reduce Stress and Help You Relax


Everyone suffers from stress from time to time but when you have a chronic disease, stress not only adds to your everyday burden but can often exacerbate the symptoms of your condition. While we can’t avoid stress altogether, there are ways that we help ourselves relax more and not let things stress us out so much. We’ve put together a list of six tips to help you learn how to relax more with information from

Worry Less

Most of us are prone to worrying about things, some more so than others. Often we find ourselves worrying about things we have no control over, or fretting about the things that could go wrong. Try to look at things more positively; instead of imagining the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right. If a situation is out of your control, try not to think about it until it comes to its natural conclusion.

Do things that take your mind off worrying about a situation, even if it’s just for a short while. Your body will thank you for the distraction.

Find out how patients dealt with their MS diagnosis.

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  1. Deb says:

    Family and friends will not understand when they cannot see any outward signs of MS. I always say I’m one of the lucky ones, I do CrossFit, try to stay active, but I still have MS. I get tired, heat wipes me out, I get fatigued & stressed, I have vision problems at times, I lose my balance, my vision gets blurry & I get cranky. But I have friends and family who just don’t get it. Even my neurologist told me once to get up & move!

    • Camille says:

      Yes, I know what you mean. it was the same for me until I got really sick and couldn’t get out of bed much or even drive in the winter months. Then I lost 15 lbs. and was normal weight to begin with until family and friends knew I wasn’t well, which confirmed I really had MS. Then during this time it was the extreme thinking some family members had the thought I would soon be in a wheelchair then die. You Cant’s win! Though I must say, my neurologist was very compassionate and my closest family members and friends were very supportive.

    • WENDY says:

      Hi Deb,

      This is one of my biggest issues with people in my life. They can’t see the disability. I look normal, after all, when they see me. What they don’t see is when I am home, in bed, unable to function, depressed and sleeping all day. Or how the depression from inability to function, can be just as disabling. How I worry about my future, or after having this disease for 20 years. MS has caused emotional changes, leaving me wondering if I am losing my mind. This causes so much anxiety at times, I am unable to think normally. Oh, lets talk about MS causing ADD, that is another thing. I may look normal when I am actually out of my house, but I pay for every outing, the next day! They don’t see that either. It is very frustrating. I understand. Only people with MS will! Thank God for online support. God bless you. Just know that you are not alone, my friend.

  2. Katherine says:

    HA!! My brother actually looked up my Morbidity and Mortality risks !!! and told me that within 10 – 20 years I would be in a wheelchair if not dead!!! He’s very analytical which can be hurtful, when I had my hysterectomy he referred to it as “being fixed” and his wife asked me if I would turn into a man now if I don’t take hormones !! People are just ignorant.. even if they have professional jobs and are considered intelligent. My neighbor actually told me my balance issues are my problem and that I should watch where I am going as that is what she does – IGNORANT !! I’m telling you !! yikes But on the flip side my brother did come to sit with me at one of my infusions he stayed for 1.5 hours which is huge for him, and he texts me periodically asking how I am doing… (?) I just don’t think they realize – how can they my brother has never even had a headache… I guess he just can’t relate.

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