MS Trust Promotes Multiple Initiatives in UK to Encourage Exercise

MS Trust Promotes Multiple Initiatives in UK to Encourage Exercise

The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Trust, a charity organization that provides support to MS patients in the United Kingdom, is urging them to remain active and find ways to introduce physical activity into their daily routine, as part of its “Move it for MS” campaign.

The organization’s appeal about the benefits of exercise for MS patients is particularly focused during MS Awareness Week (April 22-28).

In the past, exercise was regarded as something that should be avoided by people with MS. This was due to the belief that any tiring activity might raise the body’s normal temperature and possibly worsen patients’ fatigue and other MS symptoms.

Research has proven that is not the case. In fact, several studies have shown that moderate, regular physical activity may help people with MS manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

Throughout this week, MS Trust is planning a series of initiatives to encourage MS patients to be creative and seek ways to remain physically active. These include sharing testimonials of patients who felt exercise has improved their physical and mental well-being, as well as launching a series of Pilates-style exercise-friendly videos, developed in collaboration with a neuro-physiotherapist, that people with MS can watch and practice at home.

“Exercise has made me much more confident because I am so much stronger now. I used to not want to go out on my own, but now I have no fear,” Lee Gibbs, one of the supporters of MS Trust, said about the organization’s campaign.

At the organization’s Facebook page, workouts and dance classes also will be available.

MS Trust also is promoting another initiative that will take place throughout May called “Miles for MS.” That initiative allows each participant to set his own goals, whether it may be to run 100 miles or cycle 20 miles (divided into smaller sessions), to complete during the month of May.

People who decide to register and participate in the initiative will receive an exclusive MS Trust T-shirt, and a personalized online fundraising website where they will be able to track their progress, raise funds to support people living with MS, and obtain a certificate. Participants who succeed raising more than £125 (about $162) also will receive a special “Miles for MS” medal.

For more information about “Miles for MS” initiative visit this link.


  1. Senator says:

    I have PPMS and am wheelchair bound. I had a PT who put together a few exercises to increase my strength in upper body, core and also leg muscles. It has helped me tremendously overall and kept me mobile.

  2. Sally says:

    That is great now that people diagnosed over 20 years ago were told not to exercise, which has led to an over all decline for many of us I am sure especially any one that has gone into the SPMS, or the PPMS. I hope that anyone newly diagnosed is encouraged to stay up and moving and to keep working and living as if their MS is just a feature of their life, not the focus!

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