‘Burgers to Beat MS’ Fundraiser Set for Aug. 22 at A&W Restaurants Across Canada

‘Burgers to Beat MS’ Fundraiser Set for Aug. 22 at A&W Restaurants Across Canada

The 11th annual “Burgers to Beat MS” day is set for Aug. 22 in Canada, with $2 from each purchase of an A&W Teen Burger going to the MS Society of Canada to support people living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Supporters may also round up their in-restaurant bill to the nearest dollar — donating the additional cents given — or contribute at one of the more than 970 A&W Food Services of Canada locations. Donations may also be made online through Aug. 22.

This year’s goal is to raise $2 million to support MS Society-funded research, patient advocacy, and programs and services.

Christine Sinclair, a three-time Olympian and the Canadian women’s national soccer team captain, is again serving as captain for the “Burgers to Beat MS” event. Sinclair’s mother, Sandi, was diagnosed with MS more than 30 years ago.

Christine Sinclair, right, and members of A&W promote “Burgers to Beat MS” day, Aug. 22. (Photo courtesy of CNW Group/A&W Food Services of Canada)

“This is my third year as Burgers to Beat MS team captain,” Sinclair said in a press release. “I’m proud to help make a difference for people like my mom who are living with MS, and I’m happy to lead the charge on this important fundraiser for the MS Society of Canada.”

“We are inspired by Canadians’ ongoing commitment to this cause,” said Susan Senecal, president and chief executive officer of A&W Food Services of Canada. “Year after year, A&W’s operators, employees and guests come together to support Canadians impacted by MS. It’s that strong sense of community built over the years that keeps everyone engaged and motivated to make a real impact.”

On Aug. 22, A&W restaurants throughout Canada will also feature A&W Root Beer float stands, raffles, and sales of limited-edition items. Canadians are asked to demonstrate their support through their social media platforms, using the hashtag #BurgersToBeatMS, and tagging @AWCanada and @MSSocietyCanada. Locations of A&W restaurants across the country are available here.

The burgers campaign raised a record $1.9 million through its 2018 event, bringing the total raised to nearly $13 million over the last decade. A&W is the leading annual corporate fundraiser for the MS Society of Canada.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a world free of MS,” said Pamela Valentine, president and CEO of the MS Society. “Through the continued generosity of the A&W family and their guests, each year the MS Society of Canada moves closer to this goal, while improving the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians affected by MS.”

With roughly 77,000 people living with the disease, Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of MS, the society reports. An average of 11 Canadian residents are diagnosed daily, with women three times more likely to develop MS than men.

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  1. Stephen Malouf says:

    I am glad that this corporation is raising money, however, they are hypocrites because they sell everything that MS patients should NEVER eat.
    I will never eat there again because I ate a burgur FULL of sodium and the inflimation hurt my body. I did not know at the time as I was new to MS and I actually did not even know kow to solve my own proplems with fold.
    BYW ; many MS patients cannot walk very long in your marathon – fatigue – BUT you probably did not know this unless you hace MS.
    They need to create an MS menu so they can continue to support people and especially with MS – through education.

    AND Beyond Meat – what a joke – read the sodium content on the package – It is processed junk food even if there is NO meat.

  2. Susan says:

    I totally agree with Monica and Alex. Look at the good they are doing collecting from people who were going to eat there anyway. It’s brilliant, plus I don’t have to cook dinner, fix a side salad and DONE.

  3. Richard Karol says:

    Good Thursday morning to all.
    First I want to say this is not a paid advertisement(lol).
    As many of you know I love Canada as a Beautiful and peaceful country . I also like Hamburgers and companies that support Canada and Canadians .All I will say is help me to support Canada, Canadian jobs, and MS ….
    Go to A&W Today and enjoy a Teen Burger( and you will be supporting all 3)
    Thank you A&W for supporting Canada and MS society…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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